she was throwing pebbles in the lake, i saw her while i walked over the hill. she was still there when i returned after about two hours. I was so tempted to go talk to her and find out if she was all alone. how was she going home? where are her parents?… i was almost about to take the next step when i stopped myself. I carefully took my camera out and took a picture!

day 2
i got up at early, much before Leela would have got tea and the harsh sun rays would come rushing through the windows and stare right back at me…
i decided to go and take some early shots by the village. Just as i was about turn towards the temple… i saw her again.. she was lighting a lamp… blowing lightly at it and smiling as the flame danced in the air…..her eyes twinkled as her naughty fingers tried to play hide and seek with the flame.. i was bout to scream when i saw her do that.. once again i stopped myself.. captured this enlightining moment and went ahead..

day 3
she dint leave my thoughts she about 5 or 6… her eyes gleamed with curiosity, she was a ball of energy and she jumped through the pebbles and swam in the cold waters…

day 4
I found her collecting small sticks and making patterns of sorts with leaves. this was it.. she compelled me to know more about her. i walked up to her and said.. “would you like to go to school?”

she looked at me and said: “go?” “Go where?”.. “baba used to say school is where you learn something.. and i learn from everything around me… ” she smiled and continued her pattern….

That’s Shea, my daughter. she is twelve today. I always wanted to adopt a baby girl. Shea’s adopted me!

She is a tribal child who is brighter than the kids in the city and possess an extraordinary sense of visualization is physically fit to climb trees and can calculate almost any math problem in her mind.

There are several such children in the tribal areas who need to be educated and groomed inorder to match their skills like any other children in the cities. They are a bunch who can manage everything from the morning breakfast to washing clothes and cutting firewood for cooking. Special schools are being set up to nurture these brains in the wilderness where they belong.

do share your views..


19 thoughts on “Shea..

  1. Well it wasn’t mystic i got it wrong . i liked the flow ,certainly it ended kind of hush hush after promising a climax. Keep em flowing..
    You have quite vivid imagination (filmmakers oughta have that anyway 🙂 ). not much to bang against , those of non controversial win all topics..moving 2 next one now..

  2. climax! huh!

    she is my dream.. i wish to go and … i wish to find her… when that happens.. will make sure that the climax is uploaded too!

  3. ok lady keep chasing dreamz.
    me too end up with so many of them .want to end up an ozzy “i am a dreamer a dreamer ..”
    happy chasing dreamz of course:)

  4. Cranberries. they have some conspirecies hatched up. whereever i go be it engg coll, infosys or back here at iift. i find a lady crooning “Zombie zombie”. i shiver at very mention of the song now 😦

  5. thats one of their most non creative efforts.. god knows y plp think its cool..i think its just the illusion of the zombie that plp luv clinging onto.. theres so much more to their music and the land they come from..

  6. Hey i never said i found that song
    very kewl. except for that nugget of history IRA-1916 which is true and tells one ’bout kinda excesses these english had on irish public , rest of song is just ok.

  7. yeah but the fact that… thats what made them popular! – thts the song plp remember, i guess its got to do with the image they probably carry..

  8. Make her real… Bring her to life… but i think… Animation is the only thing that can do her spirit justice

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