Tia and the white lilies…

“no thats not what i want” She threw the white lilies that were delivered at 8.20am.

the note read “its hard to leave, and u know i wud’nt have if it was not for…”

in the kitchen
The coffee pot’s boling hot. Its the third cup this morning. She can hear him say “its more than what you should be having, You’ll go hyper once again.”

She shouts out loud “i m tired of listening to this …you know i need this to wake up., wake up to know i m alive, to know that i can pull through one more day….. one more sunny morning that reminds me of all this guilt…” – thats when Tia (the cat) comes jumps right up to the table and meaooooows. She gets tears in her eyes, she knows Tia used to hate all the shouting.

Tia is 3, very naughty black animal, who loves to be cuddled but often throws tantrums much like her….. Tia was their first baby. She joined them on their first wedding anniversary. She would dance to his tunes and often sit by him while he wud work all night. but in the morning she would not miss breakfast with her.

Out of the shower, smelling of green tea oils she looks at the mirror. by the mirror are lines “… i need to breahe.. to touch, to feel…. to discover, life within…” she takes the pen scratches those words and writes
“… i need to know that you are not coming back anymore and
that i should not feel guitly for moving on.”


17 thoughts on “Tia and the white lilies…

  1. Leaving the onus on the reader :(.
    good one where you end up leaving it open to different interpretations. reminded me of an old novelist (went by name of Shivani and her stories). couldn’t ‘ve missed the feminine touch there(you may wish to disagree).

  2. thats the key of a rather shaking piece.. i wish my prof cud read it, if it truly stands true to ur first line.

    dont deny the feminine touch.. shud be rather flaunting it !! – LOL

  3. Oh i tht working women refuse to let ppl aware of their feminine side. again caught on the wrong foot 😦

  4. I hate anyone too much into face be it on blog, any public forum or right there forcing me to give hard stare at that person.Subtlety
    rocks anyday

  5. umm u deleted many a comment i cudn’t even read em :(. working women?? wen they talk of egalite(equality) they end up being clone of male . thnakfully times are changing now.

  6. nah i differ on that one! – why seek the path that was never intended to exist in the first place..

    acc 2 me the whole man – woman equality issue is a useless debate

  7. ok but who initiated this baseless debate?? men ?? i beg 2 differ. women(well a small chunk, irony was they went by name of feminists ha)

  8. is it so i am surprised(n lemme add a genuine surprise not a faked one as in case of hunting down fly on the wall)

  9. i feel enriched. never knew that. nice piece of info. keep em pourin…
    so did it pass from plato to aristotle or worse from aristotle 2 sumone like alexander …

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