Something more beautiful than a sunset?

Day – 32
the same old menu (crinkled, torn… as so many have touched and held tight to it while making decisions more about what, how much, and when to say then actually deciding what to order )
the same corner table..
where a million sessions of scrabble took place..
where conversations started only when it was time to close..

not to forget how i had added my pinch of salt to everything that the chef experimented..
had had longer discussions on how basil shud be used for garnishing and not peppermint..
enjoyed a new flavour squeezed into my tea..
and thoroughly cherished a smile
to acknowledged his new mix of thoughts, creativity, experimentation and …

its 32 days.. the manager still wonders why i turn up exactly 15 – 20 minute before it closing time,.. he pays his usual smile, summons him to take my order.. i m about to say something when he shows the scrap pad to me
” tea … cannelonis, italian bake.. out of order..
….. today…
its an order for what you REALLY want
……………. or…”

the manager (while closing the billing counter shouts) “Saher its closing time”

He says, “its closing time.. would you like to place the FINAL order?”

i said “ill order the starters today.. can we leave the rest for life…”

{32 days || a restaurant called an Evening in Italy || every day after closing time. under the dim lights that needed to be on || scrabble || wine || conversations || customised meals || garnished with the color of my eyes || sometimes with a message encoded in them || a new flavour everyday || visions of a different country || unending random talk || messy apron (forgotten to be removed) gleaming excitement || the expression on my face || abstract review of the what melted in my mouth. }

Day 33
Tyler – a steaming affair of words, spices and smiles, wakes me up after he scrambles his eggs for 7 and half minutes before he cooks them; leaves the pan hot for the precious 2 minutes before the butter touches it(or rather trickles down the back of his beauty as he likes to put it) and cooks it till its the perfect shade of golden brown.

Day 1
33 days back, when i was too bored to order at “An Evening in Italy” – and too bored to look at the menu. I looked up and asked “what’s today’s special?” he was about to start his usual speel when he said.. “Well nothing more than you ! – just close your eyes, and think of the four colors that come to ur mind.. and i’ll make sure ur meal looks more beautiful than the sunset”


5 thoughts on “Something more beautiful than a sunset?

  1. Like a true filmmaker, lady is bringing in all sort of flavors in her blogs :). flavor is mysterious but borders on hope (more than rest ones)well jokes apart i kinda got stuck on the coffee table with those sessions of scrabble , some memories keep flooding back at slightest mention of scrabble.

  2. SCRABBLE – well yeah.. tht’s where this whole idea came from.. have a million memories packed wid it.. and i think i m building more these days just to make sure those words (thoughts) never vanish my vocab..

  3. hmmm well let me know what u think once u have cleaned up ur memories.. and can go beyond the scrabble and the coffee..

  4. lucky.. she wouldn’t need to wake up early to cook the breakfast 🙂

    and i’m sure, he can make dishes for breakfast which look more beautiful than the sunrise as well.

    by jov..
    what a way to start the day

  5. well….. even if she got up early i m sure she wud cook only for herself as she cant match his cookin…and she better not disappoint him..:)

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