25 PHOTO frames

from that very first time we heard black baloon,
under the neem trees,
sometime after noon.

That squirrel who stood there posing for u
and the hug on the stairs of the 11th floor
after 135 mails.. a reply that said “si”
5 pegs of whisky,
and “if you were ready to be the man”

at 4am,
jetlagged talking
and keeping warm,
unbrushed sundays,
smelling pretty much the same
even after the longest bath…

They changed me, My
dreams.. thoughts… and the future

One final decision
taking the call..
to see the same path thru

Which we never did.

brought us today
to a day
where the sun rises in different windows.
and 25 frames
turned to a photoframe
much out of focus..
and lacking light


9 thoughts on “25 PHOTO frames

  1. u have ur own style. no issues ’bout that. but I find the person in question pretty possessive. just let it go sometimes.

  2. (ugh… ppl and their perception of the unknown… nevermind, learn to ignore them)

    how can u ADD to a write up at a later stage ?
    if i am to write.. i HAVE TO write it all in one go…
    i just wudnt be able to RESUME.

    kinda weird… coz at NO two points of time in my life can i be in the same frame of mine.

  3. hello..for whom is the bracs… ??
    and the eiditing is purely grammatically nothing to do wid the flow of thoughts.. besides.. i m going to leave it like this…

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