The selfless genie..

In this age of figuring out everything in an instant , is there a quick and easy method to figure out the perfection quotient??

being perfect – i thought it would change with the kind of people you are with. Strangely it doesnt! You better know if there is enough time for your worries; (and if is wise to have them in the first place!) because there might be something really importANT there. it doesnt matter if the day had been long, 5 million phone calls and 555 emails but the salt better be just right.
and if there’s one of those traditional gatherings you HAD to attend, you so should be the looking perfect forever and says nothing at all at the if there’s another who does look more than perfect. Dont ever get too typical for there are too many unnatural responsibilities that might just drop in at any time. (and it really doesnt matter if is the me time)

last time my friend had been to one of the first ‘meetings” she was asked to stop using the internet.. what use is all that??… Well, ofcourse not.. how will the internet take care of the babies that will be produced as a result of successful love mking every night, and how will the internet take care of the 3 meals tht need to be prepared. And ofcurse she said. oh i dotn think ill hve the time for anything like that right and she smiled – how perfectly that too. Will i have the time for anything else except u (the very big that gets replaced by the very big O) is this the way to a happier life and is there a life otherwise??

where every argument ends with an unsolved debate(does it even make sense to call it a debate) about equality, often started off by those who are insecure. But the answers better be given by those who withstand everything, because obviously the better have the answers or else they will be labeled incapable.

I wonder when in those long lasting speeches about work and life in the MEGA city really means the world has changed or even changed the pace or is that although everything around us has changed the pace; we should fake it, not even try to see what exists on the other side of the wall.. because our world is just so perfect the way it is.

i heard someone say “we should not have Shahrukh smoking in the trailors of DON – it gives the wrong impression” and “look what happened to that couple after they say KANK.”. oh really is that how much people are getting influenced by films?? then why doesnt a film like DOR change the way we live??

is that comfortable living like the selfless genie… easier said then done.. and can never be imagined by the ever so selfish gene. (nothing against the book and using the term literally rather than its intended meaning in the book)


7 thoughts on “The selfless genie..

  1. Well perfection is a mirage no one found it till now and who ever sought it ended up in trauma. ever heard of Nirvana and song “Come as you are”. being myself/yourself and stop being botherd. luks like gyan so it be.
    and about those equality things. 4 a change i agree with you in totality.
    enuf by this hopeless, insensible and ignorable another creature on earth ha

  2. do i detect a note of morose and disillusion. life is so complex, the less we think of its intricacies, the better off we are. enjoy life and live and let live, that’s what pulls me on…. space… acceptance with no frills and expectations…..

  3. asmi, its not a note..its the sign of intense emotions that needs an outburst and i guess writing is the best way i guess

  4. agree absolutely that one needs a platform to give event to intense emotions…. and feel satiated with the aftermath of such outbursts… but is it truly so… all this apart i love your expression and the way you lay bare your heart.. for all to see, review and reflect on…

    however, coming back to my first point .. we should not be trying to climb a blank wall and give up in between… all the same i am confident you will find your avenues for outlets of diff kinds and find solace and peace in expression…. do keep writing… if it gives u so much …

  5. if am not mistaken you are the same anar who was with radio mirchi in ahmd. the one who left thousands here to jhelofay the desi jokis coming up. nywaz hi m ankur from ahmd, interested in making documtry, have made a few.

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