and she shrugged away those dews…

my thoughts so crimson , you ask me to leave this barren land.
“Am i crystal ?,” She asks ,
“u think it’s worse?”
– smiles back to say, “no luv, A water lily”

She is a water lily, just woken up, her long black locks adorn her back and the sweat on her neck made her feel the winds blowing from the window. She was wondering what that dream was all about and just as she is about to get up from the bed…

And he just softly caress the water lily and can see mist still alive on round edged surface of hers eyes. Wearing away sign is very much perceptible but he assures her with pluck visible in his eyes,

we would see it off, he kisses, and says, “Storms won’t touch you as fury of it would be borne by us together, tightly clung to each other to see ravages off and await the rosy future. You smile like those angels as if lost in a trance and gently nudge an equally lost me and then?? And then … the pink is back on your cheeks, I let you bloom again in your citadel, all is yours I murmur wistfully, like eternal romantics I know you do god and forget . Expectations have to wither away. Don’t let them bloom. You are a water lily, those fickle ones who change when they get moisture. Lily! dole it out to your loved ones and I beat hasty retreat. While I beat those much dreaded lonely retreats, I yearn for your voice trailing off my back, asking me to come back and let you be mine. O heart, thou wishful thinking seldom sees any rational… “

She is reluctant, she says love that is so deep cannot be true – it wont last. He shuts her eyes and asks her to breathe him. See this is what freedom smells like. He hold her hands – This is what a life togather feels like…

And the water lily surrenders to thee for who but u know how to pamper it , will wait for tides to take de toll n breathe thru wid arms that can hold tight and a heart that listens with patience so pure that every storm feels like a fairy tale.


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