Being otherWISE..

It was a really busy in the bus today. she thought it would be a treat to find a place next to the window. She was looking forward to enjoying the breeze while traveling back home. It was strange, it all depended on whether you caught the 6pm bus or the one just after, that would arrive at 10 minutes past. Finally the old lady got up and it felt like someone had wished her luck. She flipped open her book to a story called “A Man too clever and a half”. She thought, thanks to those who think Men can be clever.. ” she thought of all those men at work who were driving her up the wall with their ridiculous remarks or queries. Men with years of experience but truly lazy. Lost in words she picked up the book again. She read the title again and thought of the endless list of men that her mom would hope she would meet. As if it were that easy to find someone who would appreciate the smell of corriander. The phone rang aloud. It was work, she held the book and answered it. As she gave instructions over the phone, she looked at the first page of the book. The man on the other end of the phone kept asking “which key to press now ?”, but Sanyukta wondered why someone would have written their email address on the fist page. She had seen dates, names, initials, address. But.. an email address. It didnt sound like that of the book shop urgin the customer to sign up for a newsletter or something. It was a bit strange. She had completely lost track of the fact that there was someone on the other side of the phone. The phone rang again. She picked it up and said, “Sorry, I think there was connection error..” and the phone got cut again.

Quoted from the book “Wise or otherwise” – Sudha Murty” Right from the its inception, the foundation focussed on redressing the greviences of village people, especially children, so that we could help them envision a bright and prosperous future comparable to that of their urban counterparts.
Yeah, she thought, “Urban counterparts with a rural mentality should we say”, a she got off the bus. She was walking back home thinking what is lying in the fridge and the fate of fresh coriander as she pulls them out for the curry tonight. As she unlocked the door her neighbour Mrs Nair called out, “Sanyukta… your letter” She knew it had to be from her mum. She was wondering if they ever going end. She wondered if that was the only thing she should look forward to when she thinks of letters. Mrs Nair looked at her curiously for a reaction. she was hoping Sanyukta would get shy, but instead She was pretty embarrassed. This time it looked different. It was an international stamp. OH! it was her didi from USA, these must be pictures of the baby. After months she was excited to recieve letters, she hurried inside with warm smile, threw her sandles as she closed the door behind her. With the tea boiling and the mint leaves filling the room with a fresh fragrance, she opened the letter.
Dear Sanyu,
I hope I took by surprise. I know i have sent a million pictures of her already but I thought it would be different to send some prints. Besides, I have suddenly realised that I need to find things that I can do while i rest in bed looking after the baby. We are still fighting over the name but I have mentally decided to call her Sanjh….
Sanyukta felt a unknown sense of satisfaction as she read this letter. It was’nt as if she would not get emails from her but letters seemed to have it own smell and taste. She read the letter a couple of times and decided to reply to it with another one soon after dinner. She opened her laptop and looked through the emails. There was one from her friend in Pune and a couple of forwards. She skimmed through the pending 43 that she needed to reply but the compose button reminded her of the email on the book. She thought would be strange to write to this person, felt as childish. Felt as if they were 12 and calling up random numbers off the phone book and ordering a pizza. But what the hell she thought, It’s okay to randomize once in a while and it had been more than 14 years she did that so it was high time she did that.
She finally hit compose and typed the email address, she wrote:
Subject: Being Otherwise
I was reading “Wise or otherwise” and I didnot think twice before i took the discussion to write to you. (Something I would have never done otherwise:) ) some of the pages are too emotionally drilling but some others can get you thinking for days.. what did you enjoy the most?
SanyuktaP.S. : I did think twice before I should write. But it had been a while since I did something ridiculous. But you do seem to be a man too clever.

She hit send and attended to some other emails. Popped another mail in her inbox,
RE: being otherwise..
Am glad that you chose to be otherwise. I think it was a wise decision to have sold off that book after all…

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