close your eyes and I’ll be there

she said shut your eyes and I will be there…
Well I did, for once i did, I did believe her.. I thought she really would. A dream would come true.

I found myself driving, suddenly driving to an unknown place. And I stopped as if I knew
where I had to go. It was music world. Did I need music? Do I even have the money?
i pushed the glass door and suddenly someone said, HI! It’s there, I ordered it for you
I smiled back and what I wanted to say was, “hey who the hell are you” But no i said.. “What a darling you are” Okay I hope you have only one of these” He smiled back and said.. “Ofcourse, I followed your command!”

Okay I was getting a headache.. there was someone in this store who knew me..
have I been visiting this place so much? Why ? Do i even listen to this music? where?
I dont even have a CD player in my room..

Oh GOD! I was like rushing through to get somewhere. Come now where the hell am I going!
I dont understand. I reached a deadend… and honked for someone. What! am i meeting someone?

Well G! you said you would be here.. why am I somewhere where I dont seem to know anyone?
Who lives here? do you live here? Have you suddenly moved here? Are you giving a surprise??

someone opens the door.. I am really scared, who the hell is this.. I dont know you…
I stare back, staring I dont believe this.. I want to open my eyes.. I am trying hard… He is mad at me and I dont know why? Why is he screaming at me.. why is there so much silence all of a sudden.

She says it again, “Close your eyes and you will find me”

I tell her, “yes the last time I did that I closed my eyes to myself.. to me.. and I did not even find you there.”
This time i want them open, I want to stare back and ask “Who the hell are you?” What the hell do you want?”


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