there is a little bit of u

yes.. in a bit! – i wish that bit would not stay. But it does.
It bites – almost as purple as you did. Today when I couraged myself to drive there. Drive all the way to the same old place that smells fresh, I could hear and see everything that I did before. After a very long time, I was driving in the fifth gear and getting high on it. I could feel the december cold – but for some reason that winter was unnaturally cold. (Or was it just another reason to steal a hug?) I almsot stopped where I had banged your car ( I really dint trust you that day – what a day that was). The same old night, the same old drive, the same old place, but not the same reason.

Felt wierd, but there was something that made me feel that there is something that i call own. I hear you say once again “…only to come back” Come back to smell like charcoal – a deep smell of betrayal – cheating – the scent of another… Did I miss the last part of the sentence?


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