somethings always sound right

He would listen for hours. Ask the same question several times. Knowing the answer was a blank look – a silent pause – an unfinished conversation. Hours on the steps I would talk about what seems like the most negligible things in my life. How I dont even remember what I could talk for all after noon. All I remember is that there were days when I would walk out with the unspoken question, with reality splashing every time a car entered the gates and the headlights reminded me i needed to be back home in 10mins.

There were little things that made everything okay. There are people who look up to the sky and ask questions to the stars… to god.. I would look up from my balcony to the endth floor and get the answer even without asking for it. Call it crazy but “right here waiting for you” blares into my ears just like it did on that december afternoon – the difference is today it’s just me and that day more than 1000 of them heard it!


One thought on “somethings always sound right

  1. I remember reading it some where..”Richard Marx wrote this song when his Girl friend was away in Japan..hearing the song she had a nervous break down”…neways what I love these days is Bob Dylan: “Don’t think twice, that’s alright”…

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