in the shutter of a second

In a shutter of a second in a flicker of a comment like “well written tho, with a little bit of editing i think it will get the crisp crunch that it lacks”

Today he gladly keeps the rights to shout at me, “Without thinking what they think of u? You are smiling at someone? Are you outta your mind?

“Look!” – he says with a stern look। “I think you dont know what you are getting into. I know you will cry your eyes out next time this man doesn’t read what you wrote or that he did not comment on the picture you took.


With a pencil in my mouth, I said, “But why should I love him? I don’t even know him.” I thought a bit and smiling to myself with an almost aaha! in my head I said, “ Oh you know what it is… It’s like I am in love with the idea of him. The shadow of him. Does’nt it sound romantic… i love him without really knowing who he is.”


Yeah and that’s the life I live. That which surrounds me is just the dust you wipe on your dressing tables. But the color is within. In my head. In my head is a world I live; people I talk to. Just that it’s 1000 miles away. But I exist for them too. Yes they are miles away, some of them I dont even know, never met but they know me.

I realised what an interesting life I live. Globalisation at its bestThe tele-com industry does survive because of people like me. If there was something that happened I would not get up and tell the one sitting next to me. I would pick up the phone and dial a number probably 1000 miles away to say, “Achcha sun.. you know what….”

Yeah i probably breathe here and live there. For once my ghostly existence is taking over me. I have started ignoring the real. What an escapism! A person I love; another who cares and argues heartedly; One more who listens and this is how it functions.

Is it bizarre if a person sitting 1000 kilometers far away knew exactly what you were going to wear to office and why you are not happy but someone who is looking at you right now doesn’t even know that you carefully chose every piece of jewelery today.

That’s the life i live. Bhaiya says, it’s a sure shot to becoming schizophrenic in your near future. I tell him nah! – I am just ensuring that my future business partners know the person I am!:)


3 thoughts on “in the shutter of a second

  1. Glad that i read it. summed everything i could have thought of. some say “out of sight, out of mind”. perhaps a breed there (yeah may be in world of mysticism, romanticism, still does believe that distance doesnt stop free flow of ideas , a deepening of bond and yeah distance increases feelings (yearnings, carings) .I love the fact that telecom is doing its bit too. congratulations you have different hues now, luvvd ur new sporty look. at least u hit it right on head of the nail and to top it all objective is met too as it simply can’t go unnoticed 😉

  2. I’m sure schizoprenics are having a lot more fun in life than the so-called normal folks…stuck in their daily grinds…so don’t stop romanticising life!!It is a lot more beautiful that way!!!

    But don’t get carried away to the extent of getting hurt from something that never was there…you can be adored 1000 kms away and ignored 1000 cms away…that is why you need to do a reality check every now and then…

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