in my cosy slippers…

tis when you have a whole lot of work .. you are always feeling the pressure of reaching work and on the other side of the day a pressure to reach home on time. A constant nag in your head that your work is way more than you think it is. you know that it is taking a lot of your mind and then you thinking while listening to the blaring music in your car that – do you have anything more important than work? Do you want something more important?

And then there is a sunday when your cousin wakes you up at 10.30am, A cup of coffee, no newspaper and MtV and breakfast at noon mark the beginning of the day. It’s when you give your bath a miss and laze while having a long discussion with family on “why marriage is so not on your mind” When unconscious signs from your mom that you better be thinking about it and a conscious sign from your dad that he is happier to have you home than to send you off to someone else’s home.

A long head massage, another huge cup of coffee, the tele in the background and feet rapped up in the blanket remind you of the pleasures of summer holidays.

Why do I need to wake up so early, dress, do all my work… when the true pleasure of life lie in my cosy slippers?


4 thoughts on “in my cosy slippers…

  1. Totally agree…especially since I’m too lazy to work towards my placements :D…but then…the cozy slippers are most comforting after the most hectic period at work or wherever…they get annoying if they are all that you’ve got 🙂

  2. 2 be honest i wrote all lamba chauda gyan wen i was slightly miffed with you that day :). on another thought, what a beautiful pair of slippers , i too want one at risk of losing my Male look 🙂

  3. i knew you would be hell angry with me . so undeleting the deleted part .
    Just coz you would bludgeon me otherwise

    I was discussing the same with one ofmy old friends a coupleof days back. it is crucial that we take a pause in our track.all the time we end up pleasing one or another.Parents, Spouse or children depending on which stage of lige cycle we may boast of independence but today happiness is intrinsically linked to desires of others.honestly it gets cozy when you can be your self.happiness can’t come better …when you are relaxing in your own cocoon .you are lucky if you can be yourself but honestly you need to have courage to be so.afterall you can’t have best of both worlds,you win some you lose some.which victory you deem highr and more significant … should define a life…

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