the blind fraction of a second

It was 9.20. The same old road. the same old traffic. the same old faces that i wudnt remember… i was listening the same old music but was enjoying it the nevertheless. I was happy, i was listening to one of my fav dance numbers and dancing away with one hand. I usually look at those walking on the roads and try and imagine that they can hear the same track and assume that they are walking and driving to the same beat. Here’s the tricky part in the patch, it’s a small cross road. Oh! how i hate pressing my foot on break… Why can’t people let me get my daily dose of driving.
There was a young man running across the road with a bag in his hand. Looked like he was returning from the bakery. Well!! there you go that’s his idea of breakfast. I felt like telling him”let me have my breakfast” So i was honking and surprsingly he stopped looked at me; took a bow and asked to me move ahead. I could’nt believe it, was this for true!smiled in that fraction of the second I shared with him. He smiled back… I had a blind – date – a moment – a second – a fraction of second. He sure did make me feel special… who was he? How did he know it was important that i keep driving in the same gear?
It’s 9.20am in my watch – Will he be there?

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