shuffling… alternating… changing?

Sometimes we change for someone… There are things we dont want like in it’s true appearance because it pierces our perception. Cut your hair, leave it open after a wash and walk around to make sure everyone can smell the conditioner (they better! – you finished half a bottle… ) If they still dont catch your attention that then u wiff off the sweat under your neck and nudge them with your elbows, sprang out of chairs and as a last resort leave your sentences half so that the person keeps thinking.. stays confused and lives in a world that’s more pulpy.. unreal… fictional than science fiction. There you changed the colors of someones dreams almost as simply as you could change your desktop theme. But what if you were asked to look just a little on the right or open your eyes to the sunrise… Would you?

I dont think you would. You are too settled in that space of your mind, where dishes from last night lie in the kitchen – unwashed, food almost dried up and will take an hour of scrubbing. your pillows too comfortable and is just the right thickness, you would not want to share your rug even if half of the other was found lying on the floor every morning. Thats because that’s me!

The me – that me is too comfortable to change..But i love change.. only for others… let it be like the seasons – passing me by before I can even look up and blink.

Who am i ?


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