THE *purple* man 1

Unending instructions;a couple of hmmms‘;and haans‘ he turned towards me and smiled.

I was mad. Nah not because he was on the call or that we had had a fight. Nothing of that sort. (Yeah I can get mad at someone for smiling.) It seemed fake! The very intuitive response was held right there, he said what! – I felt like saying… ‘dont know..’ but kept quite. the smell of caffeine changed alot of things…
The next day I was reading ‘the memory editor’ – one of the stories from Tokyo Cancelled by Rana Dasgupta. It reads, there would be a day when we would forget everything about us and so we would need these electronic database to remind us of what we were.. etc etc… I was wondering if I would remember this smile. and frankly although it made me really mad at that time that is probably one of the things I would want to… like to remember.

One thought on “THE *purple* man 1

  1. I read it and my mind darted back to countless ones you have written and i have adored. i still remember 25 photo frames you had written and how i had written let it go without really knowing you then. That wistfulness lingered on as you kept churning new blogs. But here you go, i finally see something chirpy and happening. well you underplay characters and relations in writing but it is easy to detect. I am soo happy for you , young girl. Finally i can see a happy and hopeful post. Hope you book purple man ;). and i remember purple and pale pink are your favorite colors. Spice up your life girl. Your blog screams that ….

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