half a peg of vodka in the moonlight..

…the world seems perfect when you sit with a selected few unknown (and some known) people for a vodka vice. All the grudges, cribbings seems to blow up in puffs full of spice. With a few sips of just the right kind of vodka u are no more tired doing chores and not being recognised for it. You regain the energy to take on some more shit and forgive your boss for being the nerd.

..that’s when you realise that life if meant to have fun, forget what pisses you off and look forward what makes you happy.. makes you smile, makes you feel urself. The moonlight’s falling on her face as she talks about something that doesnt make sense to her. Noone’s listening because each one of us is thinking about what does not make sense to us… and yeah we are absolutely in our senses. Couldnt have been more alive, kicking and thinking. 

Aah! the taste of vodka and the smell of a gundangaram… i feel life has been recycled! – Everything that irritates us turns into a whacky idea and each one of us start contributing as if stirring a perfect cocktail.

life’s perfect after half a peg of vodka in the moonlight…



9 thoughts on “half a peg of vodka in the moonlight..

  1. gudangaram! kehvu to hatu…hu pan avyo haut (passively) smoke karva…i’ve heard about it so…

  2. Girl is back to smoking?? Thankfully i don’t face smokers any more in my life . Some love blowing it away in ring of holy smoke……

  3. a Vodka vice, topped with ice,
    alone or with company always seems nice.

    nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
    thoughts flow free, humor does abide.

    a storm in the mind, a remedy in the hand,
    life seems simple, complications easy to understand.

    i wish i were a vodka vice, i wish i a cube of ice,
    then with elan, you my friend, i could entice!

  4. lol…ok..but till such time that i make it all the way to ur place, can u explain that to me…..or shud i just google it?

  5. @cinnmint yeah dear, please stay away from such vices. Actually nothing wrong in givin into indulgences but vices no way…….
    @churningthewordmill Gudaangaram is flavored cigarette, one may be tempeted to call it a herbal vice(cigarette afterall :D)

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