The *purple* man 2

People never fail to suprise me. Just when I picked up the towel to leave for a shower, i heard the phone ring. half a smile, reluctant turn and the smile got a bit wider… but the touch of water was compelling. I left it ringing, pinning… waiting for what should not have waited… But for once I wanted to wait… for the wait was in my hands.

Wasnt anything special… yeah just a simple statement and it did not amuse me at that hour. It was too hot to think for more than 3 seconds about it. I was getting irritated with the wait. Fighting my own head, move and why would I want to do this to myself.

What is it that pisses me off ? – I wish I knew and I could just go… CTRL +Del on it. Wish it were as easy as throwing it away and I could be ruthless…

7 missed calls, 5 messages and 1 email. I was wondering if there was any point to this long wait. I picked up the keys threw a few clothes on… filled the coffee mug. No i did not want to look at the clock and nor did i want to turn the answering machine on this time… Did not want to leave a note that was giving too much importance to the significant few.

knock – door opens – smile –

One more look at the mobile 11 missed called – 7 messages – 1 look – half a smile

“You do drive me mad … “


3 thoughts on “The *purple* man 2

  1. found u thru neeti..popped in to say..i love ur pics ( the ones on the flickr side bar)

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