at the corners

Looking away from the question. Pretending i never heard it. I wish i had never thought about it. Yeah i could just return it with a smile. Yes the same way that you would have done that to me.

Let’s just be like the corners. Walk away like the walls. Yes when i look back I do see I have walked too far… Can hardly see that point where we met. But i do remember. Wont forget. There are these traces on the floor… some bright ones and the others faded.

While I pour the milk on the cereal and sit staring at the glass doors with no curtains. I think we could have covered them with those green sheets you found in the attic. But i like it this way. Lisa would rather look at me and purr against the glass i feel.

What do you say?

I look back to find Woofus staring at me. I realise the door that needs to be opened.



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