Vodka seems to blend well with anything. New faces, old topics to discuss, any sort of music. IT’s not a fussy drink. The best of all being the lasting feeling at the tip of your tongue that tells you were drinking more than you should have been. This ones for all of you who made it to the party and make me realise that life is bearable!

As i walked through the aisles of a supermarket, I missed seeing Anti pesto in those glass bottles with the wooden lids and garlic paste. But I was happy! it was almost 2 years since I had thrown a party at my place. I felt rather bad that I was not cooking. After a very long time I felt like cooking and getting the kitchen really dirty. Because the pleasure of cleaning the kitchen for 2 hours after you have been working a little less than 40 minutes cannot be expressed. I could not resist picking up fresh cream and mayo. Some fresh tomatoes, mint and fresh yogurt. 

December 2005 – was the last time I had cooked for 4 hours  and the guests had finished all the food in less than 12 minutes. I longed for that feeling. Standing at the cash counter while he scanned and made the bill. I wondered if he knew what I was thinking of. I was thinking how amazing it would be to open these packets, infact if I would have had it my way (and only if my way was practical) I would have opened it all right there … 

After about 2 hours of waiting, washing, waiting and waiting… the gang arrived. I could feel the alcohol passing through the brains as we finished the first bottle of vodka. I thought – that was easy. 

As the veins got a little thicker, the voices became louder and clearer. Clearer in terms of truth. It felt like we were creating a space to be ourselves and for the other person to know that we really did not care. 

It’s amazing how the presence of the alcohol means absence of everyone. The brain talks to those who are not there and remembers those that you might never see again. Food – hunger – sleep – thoughts seem like a second priority. The first thing on the priority list is too blurry to be understood:)


Next morning:

Every time I tried to get up a bottle rocked under my feet and that was encouraging enough for me to sleep a little bit longer. Glasses, covers, half burnt buds – cleaning these felt like losing a part of me…

The sun was shouting way too loud at 11am but the feeling still lingers and the i can feel the vodka on my fingers n the wall has a few drunken impressions…




4 thoughts on “BOTTOMS up!

  1. If there is morning hangover, try beer it really is helpful in overcoming those weighty hangovers. Drinking is fun when you thoroughly enjoy with your best buddies with whom you can be your self and aren’t afraid of speaking the truth. Drinking is pleasure yaar it’s not escape real world

  2. I loved it! – there is no escape from these times.. its just craving for more feeling:) and Please i would never go for a pissy drink like BEER!

  3. Very nicely written, i cant express properly but i surely did reach the state of mind which you have PERFECTLY described in your blog: “It’s amazing how the presence of the alcohol means absence of everyone.”

    It was in a way just me even when i was trying to concentrate on what people were talking about 😉 i just like that feeling.

    But i also do feel that we finished too early, i think everybody had just started.

    Just reading your blog takes me back into that state of mind, without even having a drop.

    Think we should plan something immediately.

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