Meet Churi!

- the wind that In the absencse of this human I have realised how important it is to have someone to laugh at your stupid jokes and crack even more stupid ones to tell you, “You are smart”. But our churi is a character who is quite aware of all these doings. She is well sure of the the stupidity she is projecting. The third view in her brain is successfully calling her a fool. But she enjoys this nakedness because she knows that it is understood, acknowledged and in most cases shared with this other human sitting in front of her. 

About 5 days back Churi used to reside just some inches away from where i sit. A huge glass window was between the two of us and for some days I actually managed to sit next to her. Yes! you do need a management degree to sit next to her. And let me tell you it’s not about time – focus – planning – budget management. IT’s about how many times in a day you can have chai.. or resist the temptation to go back home and sleep. Because our Churi loves to say, “I am sleepy!!” (every 3 seconds:) ) 

She is the tremor that titilates the child in you and the wind that makes you feel you can pull another 8 hours at work. The break that you earn to take and the mirror that you are scared to see.

We miss you terribly!

LOVE you! 

taka taka taka… !


One thought on “Meet Churi!

  1. ” hu tane chodi ne nathi gayoo “…..:)

    no one has ever written such a nice thing for me and
    that to in such a creative yet truthful way..thanks

    one last thing… “loved it”

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