in Black i see…

For B L A C K (for the man who taught me to be fearless, free and me – at the cost of everything else in life!)

I could smell the leaves and feel the water caress my feet. She said she was used to getting up at 2am and walking around the garden. I wondered how that would feel. “Look up.. there’s always a star that will be smiling at you, and a leaf that would turn just to say hi… welcome to the world of you and…

I tried to look for someone else; someone else who might be awake at this hour? I am not used to this silence. I tried to walk a little bit faster, only to make some more noise. Hoping there was someone there.

I hated the silence. No there was noone. Absolutely noone cared to be awake.

I sat down, i could feel the cold sand. yes indeed it was great choice to buy a house by the beach. But I had never seen this part of “my great choice” It was pleasure to wake up to the waves but I never wondered there was pleasure in staying awake to the dark waves talking and telling tales about amillion people who walk the shote every morning. I looked around in the sand. I saw feet… tiny ones with bigger ones. I smiled – that looked like a dog pulling a tiny tot.. and then there were some hands. I wondered if it was some one reading a book or lying down on the sand and making hand impressions.. or may be trying to avoid a kiss in public.

There was music, a rythym in the way the waves hushed and the trees talked amongst themselves. There were voices I could hear of children running to the water and someone asking them to be careful.. I could see someone walking from the sea. Drenched in a blue dress, hair was long, really long till the hips. She was beauty dripping in dreams I thought…

And then something touched me. I felt something on my hand.. It was a tiny snail crawling up. Normally I would have shrugged it away but this time I wanted to find out how far it would crawl up. I tried to see if it was better to rest my arm on the sand or should I try and stay still… ?

I was smiling, felt much less tired than what I felt after dinner… Till today I felt, that life meant- coming back from work, trying to open the fridge, staying awake through dinner and then ofcourse tossing and turning in bed till the alarm would go off at 6:33am. I thought simple pleasures in life had to do with doing something for yourself.. or for someone, or someone smiling at you as the walk down the tube station. 

simple it was – not to do anything – happy i was – smiling back at a snail *(who did smile back in his own way i thought)  – weaving stories off impressions in the sand, listening to the voices captured by the waves and watching her walk towards me in a bright blue dress…

It was 7am and I saw a few people come for a walk.. I told myself , “its time to take a break from reality and go back to work” I wrote in the sand, “…till the next break, i hope you will breathe me in the air and hear me through the shells…”


8 thoughts on “in Black i see…

  1. Saras sapnu hatu. Gher jaao ne sui jao…write part 2 of it then…i want to know what happens to that blue dress lady…will she frighten you (or vice versa :)) or is she a bhoot or something else happens 😉

  2. I thought simple pleasures in life had to do with doing something for yourself or for someone, or someone smiling.. – I could see a glimpse of vipassna in your thoughts..and it was a nice line…

  3. Vaishali, Vipassana.. wasnt thinking of such divine thoughts. But may be it has become a pretty important part of my life without consciously trying to make it that important!

    Glad you could see that streak and show it to me..

    But i think i am generally moving back in time – being me.. and me alone.

  4. Guess this is a fiction. Wonderful imagination though. Of that walk though the sea shore.
    Will go through other posts soon.

  5. seems to be back in form. Rumbling, ruminating and weaving off great tales. your new blog feel is very attractive. your are reaching your imaginative best. keep it up 🙂

  6. Lively, – thanks!, partial imagination i must see but alot is inspired from endless afternoons spent on the beaches of australia..

    Richy boy! – i thought you were hating my abstract writing!!! anyways.. good to see you smiling on my bloggie!

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