in the box – out of the box

‘out of the box’ – let me introduce you to the people here!

Vaishali – BOSS! – Fun umlimted(read these days very limited)

Rohit – IT head – More like the smile and peace factor

Vidhi AKA ‘Manoj’s private assistant’ (current position: on the mobile saying, “But you see Manoj!)

Jaspreet – AKA saare radio station ki rani

Rahul – EI ki systems ka baap

Arpit – EI ki systems ka dimaag

Muntaquim – EI ki systems ka architect

Anar  – me – the most seriously not working human in ‘out of the box’ AKA king Khan! (i love Vidhi for giving me that name!)

Life is never normal in this part of the office. Normal activities include – constant power failure. People in the office believe its because we have these two wonderful ACs running. but the truth is ‘we are electrifying’

Well lets take the example today. Vaishali was very happily working on her laptop and we suddenly see her inclinging slowly and very steadily to her left! NO its not the earthquake.. we were all fine. And no she was not fainting! It was the chair.. it suddenly decided to go wonky for no ryhme or reason. And for the benefit of our creative minds she stay in that inclined position till all of us gave vague reasons ( and really practical obvious reasons) We have the chair kept on display for all those who would like to come and see it.

There is something happening every second – Stay glued!



9 thoughts on “in the box – out of the box

  1. Haha..this is really hilarious and amazing at 608 is truly filled with lots of fun..and yes me falling from was everyone asking me “aapko chakkar aaye” and i m like cant stop laughing because of the FAMOUS chairs of EI..Really if we want to take a revenge..we should ask our guest to sit on EI..No wonder he/she is likely to fall and others can have a good laugh..So fun unlimited (though said limited) will GO ON..pura saal baaki hai mere dost..luv for putting a post at life @ 608.

  2. haha..hilarious..a nice post to feature life @ 608..and yes falling fm chair was truly funny…and people asking “chakkar aaye kya”..really EI chairs are so popular for people falling and i also experienced the earthquake of 7 richter scale.:-)

    ya fun unlimited and our morning chai sessions and music and STILL MORE TO COME..pura saal abhi baaki hai..luv for post on life @ 608..

  3. i need to check the chair, because yesterday only my chair broke and i had to change it, ej nai hoi ne?

  4. Ya a nice alias for every one, but true…. 🙂
    It is fun in this box, not sure how it is in the other offices but have heard a lot of people wanting to be a part of this room..

    Looking forward for those witty stuffs in this blog..
    Anar, by the way have you completed all your deliverables? 🙂

  5. Vaishali, thanks for taking in this amazing spirit! Yes! we love inthebox!

    Shivnang, Thanks for adding the spice.. but nothing goes out of the i wonder where your chair went!??? And what’s with the chairs breaking in every part of the office.. ? I think the chairs are getting tired of us being there – just way too much:D

    Rohit, NO i have not finished my deliverables! and I don’t wish to so quickly as I might be workless!

    Mandira, Yes! this is the world where i live! – if i have stories to tell it’s because of all these wonderfully crazzy people around me

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