the window

For Neel – for the genius in my life! who talks in puzzles and makes life even more interesting when it’s pretty complicated in the first place:)

Ever wondered how it feels if your closest cousin (someone who you end up telling about every stupid little thing that happens in the day) and best friend says, “See when you die… ” My heart stopped there. I wondered why would he want to say something like this. I mean, we had met after 20 years in our lives to discover that we were the best of friends… and he said, “when you die…!”

Strange facts that we shared: Single child, Ariens (very hot headed), Crazy love – books, cricket (not so much for me till much later but i try to keep up to his pace), traveling and spirituality. Freespirited and at heart people who want to make sure that people they love are always smiling

But what is really strange is how life had been for two of us in the past 26 years… It was really very well designed and composed by God to make sure we met when we; when we just had to…

The first time I remember.  I think I was 2, i have faint memories of waking up to a house crying, howling, people running around. I was too tiny and so I could not look down from the balcony. I saw a little boy and some others. They said hi…, my mom introduced him as Neel. Mum came back to tell me Neel’s grandpa had passed away and he was going to be here for the day. Neel seemed to be little moved by all the hustle and bustle. He had found immense pleasure in simply taking over my bike and had already taken over my room, my belongings and now had got the audacity to ask me bowl while he enjoyed carefree batting.

Being the only child can be hard. Very hard for two humans who take pleasure in taking risks and living on challenges. For almost 24 years we had not heard of each other. Then on Uttarayan day. And this is too filmy, i have to admit but its true. It is said that the winds change directions.. YES they did I think. I met Neel once again. We were what he rightly describes it as, “HOUSE on fire!” It dint take long to get back in the groove of being the best friends and siblings – who shout, fight, argue and still love each other for everything they are.

Then a few days back, he says laughs out loud and said, “Sis, how can you be on the computer all the time…. how can you like those windows in the house…Man you have something to do with Windows! Windows on ur comp… windows in ur life… ”

I said, “Dude that is the best part of the house.. i can spend my life sitting there and working on my laptop … and sleeping in the couch next to those windows… ”

He laughed and said something, “You know when you die.. I am going to get a window made and put it in my room. When my kids ask – why?. I’ll say, that’s your aunt” I was quite taken a back. I wondered, what cousin says such a thing… these thoughts did not leave me. They kept haunting me.

I told myself, “do you know what sort of a cousin says things like this to you?, It had to be someone who sees through you, who thinks that you are his window to life! – your life and your happiness is the vision. He wishes that everything that he sees should brings a smile on your face. You are what matters; he would rather live the life through your eyes because that’s the best way to do it!


6 thoughts on “the window

  1. It’s only some people who can say “when you die..” or something like that and not think about it at the same time. And then you know they have every right to speak of it that way. Good to know your bond with your cousin. *anti jinx* Hope it stays the same way and changes only for good. Amen!

  2. Ah! Refreshing. Finally something that makes me sit up and read from the beginning to the end in curiosity. Real, thought-provoking, and completely candid. Muaaah!

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