in the box – out of the box – (visitors)

Well the visitors of “in the box” felt quite bad for not getting a mention in the first post. Now that says a lot about how important the visitors are made to feel in this space you see.. So lets introduce our usual visitors!

Sheel – Sheelex the feelix, as I like to call her. Not long ago she used to be a part of this hep and happening “out of the box” but well to ensure that her reputation does not get hurt and blemished with a word like “not so hard working”, she decided to move to the rather not so happening 603. Chalo theek hai, so what if people left us. We honored her with a farewell speech and a feedback session. (Yes! let me take the opportunity to explain feedback sessions in EI. Everything has a feedback attached to it. So much so that people in 608 call is feedbark!) But our darling Sheelex is gone and we are dealing with the loss pretty well i think. What say Vidhi??

Neeti – (psst! dont raise your eyebrows. She belongs to me – or so I like to believe) Call it the fantasy worls or lack of attention from others I enjoy the names like “Babloo and Chandulika maa!” She is usually flying to Pondicherry and stlyish places like that but when she is around in HO she walks in with flair; heads turning – oh breathtaking! – and then she will turn around if there is someone in the adda (my corner in the office). OH she will want all the attention or give none.

The other visitors include Ms. HR Medem – who comes only for work with the IT boys! and will take an about turn without saying hi or bye. Not because she is very very busy, because pappa might call. Well! i better mention Mr. Nishchal Shukla – who usually comes only to give attention to the pink of the lot.

So while some wish to take the breath away, some dont have to try hard. Some never leave the place even if they have officially moved – and some others ( like Shivang!) only promise that they will move.


3 thoughts on “in the box – out of the box – (visitors)

  1. first of all…. thanks for understanding why i made that choice of
    moving out of 608 😉 , i mean its again that the fact has dawned on
    me that “anar understands me” 🙂 hehhehe.

    and yes second of all, it feels bad to be taken as a “VISITOR”.. i
    mean i still feel its my office, and i know i will still be that
    “attached” to “in-the-box people” and the place ofcourse.

    thanks and yes once again would love to mention it.. “Loved the blog”

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