in the box – “hawa thodi deemi chal rahi hai!”

(For first time visitors on this post! read post1 to know whose who in “in the box”!)

aaj kal hawa thodi dheemi chal rahi hai… people have become just too busy and tense about the weather, their back ache’s, work related issues and general tensions..

While we are the ones that happen to create the tensions for ourselves – atleast this is what Vidhi and me have realised in the past few days, people have been roaming around with general lost looks.

The intermediate (read innumerable) chai and coffee session continue. Sometime back these were the noisiest sessions in office they have been converted into counselling and serious discussion time outs. Silence seemed to have crept into the brains of people way too much than it should have and laughter is taking a break in bahamas. Songs dont seem to wake us up anymore and endless cups of chai are doing no good.

People! – Alive ? or should i come and kick all of you!!??? any suggestions on getting life back to normal(abnormal is what we think is normal)


2 thoughts on “in the box – “hawa thodi deemi chal rahi hai!”

  1. I agree!!! The cool n mast breeze with all the hot and happening people aroung have turned to dhemi hawa…Sad:( King khan ke hote hue ye sab – not good, lets rock n roll n start all the abnormal stuf again – that’s hw we live, right Anar!!!!

  2. YO! Vidhi we rock and we need to get the breeze back to the stormy sessions of dance, music and everything but work!

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