There are wishes, wants and then there are movies!

Last evening was yet another realisation that movies make everything okay. When noone would actually want to go and watch Love Story 2050 – I was excited! (Yeah Like Nee puts it I like any movie!) I do not believe in reviews. Learnt it first in design school – where our prof once told us “Nothing is ever good or bad. It’s always the perception and I want to know yours!” These ideas got re-inforced in the film school. Everytime we came out from a screening or a screenplay reading session I realised that your review is always different than what someone else had to say and it’s always better to say “oh i think this section had something to offer to the texture of the story…” Always made classes fun and discussions more interesting. It was the best way to find out what somone else noticed while you missed out on because you were trying to look at some hot guy in the front seat…

And more importantly I always find some part in the production that can be appreciated. If nothing else I appreciate the people who stood next to those blazing lights while another 100 ran on the sets to make the movie happen.  Infact I find it very funny when people talking about the film have themselves not seen the film! Now that’s a RE (rare evaluation) view! 

So I go alone! And frankly I do not understand why you need someone to go with you to watch a movie? (Unless… ! 😉 its not the movie that you are interested in!)

Well so like any other day yesterday we went for Love Story 2050! There was no love, no story – YES there was a lot of excitement about 2050. And hats off for the visualisation and set creation. Once again Omung Kumar does it for me! Whatever it was I when I came out in the break.. I suddenly felt and wondered why people were walking and how come everything felt so old and 2008! Not kidding – it was funny but its true. While walking back to the carpark we passed through the gaming zone and Nish and I stood at one of the machines and tried to type in Mumbai 2050 – to see if we could be transported. But Alas! there was not Uncle YA! or else I would have been blogging with a lazer pen right now!

So if you have wishes or wants of moving ahead or going and correcting something in the past, here another film after Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Butterfly effect that helps you in getting transported off to a land of just pleasure, nostalgia and the a world of story telling! For those who have not seen the film.. it’s not about Harman or Priyanka, or that blue haired BOO… but about australia, the shops in the background, the shell houses and the amazing effects!


16 thoughts on “There are wishes, wants and then there are movies!

  1. now u are a married 2050…. u cnt be saying sunshine!!! – Kahan se laate ho tum aise pracheen words!??

  2. married man in 2050? wasnt it before that? in 2008? neways…whether it is 2008 or 2050, Sunshine will remain Sunshine…

  3. Wohi se jaha se woh aaya hai 😉

    Btw wasnt the marriage in 2008?? toh sunshine chale 😉

    And yeah it was harman’s movie toooooo —-ahhhhh adorable and sexy!!

  4. hahah..funny post.. the idea is so powerful but it seems they could not come out with the right flow. From your post it seems whole movie is confusing, ekdum aa kyan thi aai gayu:-)

    last but not the least i cant stand harman and priyanka both:-) doubt they are made for each other:-)

    Also hats off to tolerance ability like we discussed Tashan and then Love 2050:-)

    so now we can switch off seeing movie reviews from rediff to inthecookiebox.

  5. tu 2050 ma ene divorce aapi de 😀 sidho thai jashe..and mane time kai deje, will be a witness again 😉

  6. I havent seen the movie, but the trailer doesnt impress me at all. altho the movie is based on the year 2050, the dance in the songs seems to be of the year 2000 – almost 50years old!

    I also crave to see Hrithik dance in Herman’s place. The actor and actress are casted in clothes of 2006 but there are robots as the supporting dancers! It all seems to be a mess to me..

    ..You may feel i need to watch the movie to make such conclusions, however, if the trailer is supposed to represent the movie, I dont feel like watching it at all..

    I also feel Hrithik is much more classy, sophisticated and suits much more with Priyanka instead of Herman with Priy.

    Hmm well, however bollywood is experimenting and learning, tats worth appreciating!

    Im rather waiting for ‘Buddha’ and the upcoming movie of Ms. Soundarya Rajnikant!!

  7. Hrithik is of different generation now! and Buddha would be a different class.. As I said there is nothing about the actors, they hardly act and there is no story!:)

    Do leave your blog address …

  8. I’d prefer watching Kaho na pyar hai all over again just for Hrithik (what a cutie pie). Can’t go through his look alike! Really.

  9. oh u still manage to watch such boring movies. you mentioned :review” somewhere but this post was all except “mivie review ” 🙂

  10. @Lively – Well i dont think you could compare it to Kaho Naa pyaar hai.. it’s a totally different ball game. The movie is in the least about Harman. And frankly i dont think he is great except his dancing. He would really need to work very very hard on his acting.

    @Richy – Did i say this was a review. Boy you really need to read the blog. And yes I think you need to watch the film to know how terrible it is .. and therefore I still end up watching all the boring films.. the elaborate answer is in the blog, so may be you should read it.

  11. i can go to a restaurant and eat alone but i hv never tried watching a movie along.. u r kinda inspiring me here, cinnmint! i think i want to try doing that…
    so the 2050 movie wasnt that great after all.. i had a feeling it wudnt be that good..actually to be honest, the red hair scared me!:P

  12. WOOOAH! someone back from the village tour! – well watching movies is an amazing experience. It’s a big high for me…

    and yeah well it wasnt supposed to be that great.. it was a getaway from work and a way to tell yourself that you can find ways of getting away from the mad world…

  13. iv gone watching movies alone, as an adolescent i used to find it akward, one day i thot of giving it a try and then on i knew wat matters most is to be comfortable with ‘myself’

    cin, i dont have a blog address but u kinda know me..

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