Kahin to hogi aise film!

Just another Jaane tu ya Jaane na… (for all thsoe who think this is a film review, it’s not) It’s an account of what happened before the film…

On a thursday afternoon most while most others around me were brooding over the fact that the week is really slow I was looking through the newspapers. I was quite tempted to watch Jaane tu.. but for some peer pressures ended up watching Love Story 2050. Well sunday deserves some fun too right?

Sunday – 8am – I had to leave for a meeting (Yes I cant say NO to work! ) and thereofre say yest omeeting 8am on sunday morning meetings) I wake up with a migrane to an sms from that says the meeting is cancelled. I pop some pills and go back to sleep feeling really sick. I wake up at 12 (noon) – telling myself oh shit! i cant make it for the movie now 😦 Look at my phone and there were a couple of missed calls from those who were looking forward to seeing the movie. I couldnt care less and went off to sleep again making mental plans of how I WILL watch the film at 3.00pm.

I leave 40 mins before, pick my friend up and drive through casually as if tickets were waiting with a big smile for me. At the booking counter is the first time I feel “Oh there is a chance we will not get the tickets.” So i ask my friend to go down and find out while I watied in the car (thinking to myself that I am saving 15 bucks of parking. Am I not smart! Well ya only till now!) She walks back saying, “sirf 7.50 ke show ki tickets hai… I almost blew the horn and my top, “Dint you get them???…” I tried to stay calm, all the meditation – what’s the use you know! and Just yeterday we were talking about how to keep a positive attitude, how could I be the one throwing a tantrum.

So we made use of technology. Got dad to look up online booking, while my friend juggled between two mobiles and tried calling 6 different cinemas. And I tried my hand at the wheel swirling around the city to 5 different cinema halls and trying my brain for not so creative ideas to get tickets. All this to return to a Mac donalds and a cup of coffee. I was still smiling. I had tickets to the film for a 6.30pm show (for the next day – NO! you were not supposed to laugh at my positive attitude)

And the run does not end there.

6.00pm The Monday evening blues and the boss dues were not paid- I was standing in the MD’s office while he was throwing tantrums at others for not deciding some date. I felt like telling him you are not helping me with my super-duper future planning. For once I plan ahead and you are the one ruining it for me. Why do I plan?

He hung up just in time for the movie to start and smiled. Thanks and I ran feeling quite excited completely forgetting I had like an 8 mins drive to the cinema and a 2 and half minute ride in the lift before I would enter hall just to hear my friend saying, “kya yar , song chalu ho gaya….” OH HO i told her positive atittude, think “song khatma nahin hua!”

After about 17 mins i wondered, if they are going to show all the songs right now then what will they do later? Well! may be this is the style and treatment that people have been talking about. It’s probably that they kept showing only younger years in the trailors, and there is an entire new paradigm to the film. Something more mature, when they are older, working etc. Well it’s okay to be hopefull especially after films like Jab we met. But it jsut never happeend

 The only thing that one could look out for is an absolutely amazng performacne by Pratiek Babbar. An outstanding actor. So while the crowd went mad about the chocolate boy I think Pratiek did it for me in the 5 scenes that he had in the film. And ofcourse the song “Kahin to hogi…” Another great composition that leaves an impression on your mind.

My rating – 3 stars for all the wrong reasons. Just another love story (did you mean puppy, cat, rat love?!) and a chewed up script in a new wrapper…It felt like almost like an Eclair now called Alpenliebe.


24 thoughts on “Kahin to hogi aise film!

  1. I really love the way you write..interesting and humourous to read always:-)

    well, to do so much for watching a chocolate boy was bit of a surprise to me. But not after you have mentioned about Pratiek Babbar.. Well I dont even know who is he or how does he act? But yes, it can be better than these mushy mushy hero-heroines these days!!

    So as per your rating, yeh picture cable pe dekha jaayega ab:-)

    Though I hope Aaamir was there but he cant as his senti love for his nephew cannot allow to overshadow him which may happen if he was in the film.


  2. Badhiya . i liked the narrative style of writing. Love story 2050 toh main kabhi na dekhoon not even on cable. but haan m all for “Jaane na… Tu”. Have to see it as you said never go by reviews.

    PS: You can mention who mistook you post for a movie review. would make me happy 😛

  3. @ churning the burning! – Aii ai ai yo! for looking at the last three lines only 😛 Yeah yaar what to do but films are my weakness.

    Thanks for the 3rd time!!! – yes you did mention that the bar is nice. and just a tip! – if you need a cool bar you can ask for one:P

  4. And i always beseeched for a cool bar n u turned me down :(. yeah few bars are music to only few ears and others are bar-red.

  5. @Richy – I think you do suffer memory loss. u need to re-visit your old site to remember who did the page for you.

    @churning – yes! yes! – will need to understand what sort of graphics we re talking for your stuff.. but yeah will do it.

  6. I had talkd about word press thing where i have asked for your help few times. Thanks for such a great comment on my memory loss. Serves me very right. very right

  7. OMG!! how cool is that?
    now let me pull myself together n i will get back to u..

    PS: a super small suggetion for ur template…the “films” and the “in the box” tabs cant be seen unless one does a mouse over on them..thats coz the text is white and so is the background… so may be u can change the colour of the text or something… or u can ignore this msg.. i am offering unsolicited advice here, i realise…

  8. Richy boy!! i know i have to do that 😦 sorry ya.. have been avoiding doing any fun things till i finish the films…

    Churny – Yes i know.. this particular theme doesnt allow me to do that!

  9. You cant compare Eclair with an Alpenliebe boss!! Its like comparing a…a…a vintage car with a santro!? (i know i am poor at such things…analogies etc…but still you cant compare Eclairs with Alpenliebe)

  10. umm…after much thot , i hv decided i agree with nishchal on the eclairs- alpenliebe issue.. eclairs is eclairs man!! its chocolate-y , makes your upper molars stick to your lower molars,makes your fingers sticky etc etc..alpenliebe cant do ANY of those things!! 😛

  11. Have you guys tried the new one? It’s an exactl copy of the eclair… Try it and then you will know what I am talking about..and the line is intended to say how stupid it is to copy a product and then call it another name, “It felt like almost like an Eclair now called Alpenliebe”
    Nish – will treat you to one today… Mandira you will need to find one somewhere in mumbai… or wait till i get there.

  12. nope..havent tried the new one..and we know wat u were trying to say…we were doing unnecessary drama- just for kicks!:P
    new header is better.. the tabs can be read..but the pic doesnt fade in and out!why??why/??

  13. Haan life badi simple hai to unnecessary drama! anywys i luv it!! keep it up – bollywood mein chance hain dono ka.. Next time Ekta kapoor is doing an audition I’ll let you know. All of us can go and try for different roles and if luck doesnt favour us there then we will try with Aamir Khan productions!!

    Thanks for the BAR compliments 😉 – Yeah cudnt find a better cookie .. if you find one let me know.. (hungry hugnry need CHAI!)

  14. three cheers for your positive attitude and what a beautiful post. Makes me more cheerful.
    More cheers for all the cheer! 🙂

  15. ehy good to see the chatter patter back here! thanks for all the encouragement… added a new page for the purple man today… hoping to continue that post… hows life on ur side?? Is getting back to chatter patter helping?

  16. Life eh? Pretty much the same. I’m struggling to prod and make it get up and move. I tell you this life… doesn’t move at all, one lazy bum!
    hehe 😛
    How s it goin with you?

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