purple man – 3

5 am – the alarm was loud. Pichkoo (the cat) was trying to scratch my hair and wake me up.

I could feel  his hands in my hair. I woke up in a startle. I knew he had left – just to come back another day. He would always come back when i was just about to go off to bed… May be a little drunk, he would knock once again tomorrow. I got a little mad at the idea. And then smiled as I picked up Pichkoo and put her on the kitchen table. Took her bowl out and started the routine. As I banged (no i dint want to .. may be my body just did it out of anger..) the bowl in front of her… She looked back in anger; I could smell the coffee machine whispering an amazing brew; as I tied my hair up, the phone rang. It had to be Amita. My assistant at work. Amita had a sense of urgency in these morning calls  she rattled off …

“Ayesh, listen you cant miss this one, okay? I have fixed it up at the Brown’s bakery. So that it will take you exactly 11 minutes to get there. and listen the papers are in the first section. And ya! today at 4pm you know where we are meeting right? – Ayesh ??”

“..Go on Amm.. you know I am not listening. I have had a bad night and Pichkoo refuses to finish breakfast…”

“Ayesh, why did you open the door? …”

“Amm, I have 12 minutes now… ” I smiled and she banged the phone on my face.

As I waited at the bakery for the clients to arrive and finished my breakfast. The phone ran again, I picked it up and said, “Amm I am at Browns and I am waiting. I am not late. Will you please let me have my breakfast in peace?”

His voice, “I have taken the keys today… I hate, I hate waking you up!”

In my head, Did I say, I mind opening the door? Did I have something to say?


9 thoughts on “purple man – 3

  1. Sometimes…. actually always, you need to speak your mind. Not inside your mind. It helps. Not the other, but yourself. 🙂

  2. Well dont know about that.. am usually up at 4am… is that day..??? early morning??

    I am generally on a high..

    and yeah.. pichkoo – sounds more like a rat, but my cat was so think i cant think of anything else i can call her!! LOL though never called her that – i was very scared of her tiny claws!

  3. I miss the cookies fading in and out. Hmmm, I like opening doors too, especially when I know who’s going to be on the other side. You know what I mean! I like the idea of an assistant. But I hate the idea of work. I like the idea of writing for a living, but I hate the idea of hunting for a publisher. You get the idea? Well, you reminded me of these crazy ideas right now. An idea can change your life…:D

  4. Yeah but it was very distracting when the page is open all the time! am glad that you the post gave you more I D E A S!!! – hope you will write for a living and live for writing!!! 😀

    BTW miss dancing in office!

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