Nibble Nibble Nee

Dedicated to the one who says, “7 fucking lines.. that all you have for me!”

7 fucking lines
and for more she pines,
If its a kiss,
it was definately a miss!
And not to please you miss
only to quench my thirst of writing am I writing this…

fucking lines they might be, or they might to 17 they might grow.

Or get longer, but you will still ask for more is what I know!


(so the story gets interesting here. NOT about a man and woman. NOT fiction. All real, about a real person, real confession!)

Wham! – Opps! – OUCH! – oh god how did I manage to hit it again… Well yeah! she is the clumsy kinds who hits, hurts whenever you least expect and now I think I expect it all the time.. So i keep walking on the road, well prepared for her to have hit someone (UH! That might be interesting -has never happened!) / something… like doors, cars, lamposts and so on. So i keep walking almost thinking there will be a wham and bhoosh and then there will be someone limping next to me in 5 minutes. Having said that, she is the protector of ME!

Yes! She is the official protector of me when I am drunk, being followed by crazy men on a lonely road, when boss gets mad, I get mad with boss, friend being nasty/bitchy/itchy all that and more…

And although all that might sound really strange, it gets more strange (and i mean literally here) when we are having a perfectly sober conversation. It sound more like:

ME: Hmm- so you cant see me right… oh so you dont have the time for me right…
HER: Oh yeah 7 fucking lines it is after all right!?
ME:Yes 7 is lucky and well yeah ,,, only 7 what are you going to do… when do you even have 7 fucking seconds to look up from the computer to look at me…
HER: HMm… 7 fucking lines after all… (still not looking up)

Translation: HER: “look I am quite bored with whatever I am doing or whatever I am not doing and we need to take a coffee break!”

So while we read about friends being people who understand you, here is my princess whom I still don’t understand –  But I adore!

Jokes apart, I might bitch but never feel bad. I might sulk but never run away, I might try and resist but still give in, I might not have the time for a coffee break – but still go for it and I might not have more than 7 fucking words but you do mean a lot more than that!

(at the end of this all I know she is still not happy, although half smiling while she reads the post, then going down below to check the number of lines someone else got coming back to re-count the ones I wrote about her. Contemplating whether to comment. Then finally not leaving a comment because she is feeling lazy to type)

– to be continued…


7 thoughts on “Nibble Nibble Nee

  1. Well mouthing few F*** words can make you more fashionable…. may be… Rest stays in peace….Who is she? Don’t know. Time you question her… “How many lines you have ever written for me lady?”…

  2. Words …no matter what form they are……sometimes, say enough. sometimes, more. And yet, sometimes they arent needed to convey the “message” at all.
    like, u know already what i think of this…..

  3. @ Richy – Thanks, if I wanted to be fashionable I wud have been painting my nails. And no i havent written any words/lines for u.. never felt the need to…

    @N – mwaaaaaah!!

    @Sheel… lulla steals the show again!

  4. cinnmint, u tell N that 7 lines is good enuf!!:P its better than no line, rt? its all relative, u see!
    Ps: N, pl dont kill me!! there is a lot that i still need to see, to experience..puhleaseee!

  5. HAH! churnin… wish people understood.. Phew they dont… and thank GOD people like you are there to save my ass!!! 😀

    btw thanks for stopping by

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