phantom visited… to make me smile

Read about something called Phantom pain in a not so much talked about novel called “Ishq and Mushq” (what is phantom pain: people who have lost limbs or a body part continue to feel pain in the non-existent part)

sounds a little crazy I know, infact when I started reading this para in the book. I was wondering why and how come the writer mentions something so boring, grosse, eeeeheeew on the 2nd last page of the book. I do want to leave the book with a smile, but well I did and this is how…

“…I have lost Nina, I understand the possibility of an ache where there is an absence. I still turn on my sleep to hug the emptiness…”

These(and the following) lines took my heart away. It was interesting to read how he had related phantom pain to recalling and visualing lost ones. According to Oscar, (the character who writes the above lines for his daughter) it helps in dealing with the pain.

I almost do that. Never realised this mechanism had a name. I used to feel quite abnormal and once wrote a blog about how I live a three lives in my head. But wow! – today I find that the science recognises this and infact has a name to it.


5 thoughts on “phantom visited… to make me smile

  1. I guess it’s not about Phantom, it’s about the feeling you get when you miss someone lost. Though even I dont like the name ‘Phantom Pain’, scary!

  2. @ churning – yeah the books alright.. i knew how i managed ot finishe those 500 books but the last 3 pages made me feel – it was all worth it..

    @ Lively – well scary! – No! – i am going to scan the last three pages and send to all of you. I think I am just too full of it right now.

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