at a loss of ideas

Have you ever felt that you dont know how to handle a break? – makes you laugh at the question right? Well, thats how I feel. Last week I was wondering what will i do if I dont get a break. And today when I stand at some 30 hours away from it… I am scared!

Scared that I dont know how I am going to be able to switch off the phone and not feel bad for missing irritating calls. Scared that I will probably not be able to leave ideas behind, scared that I will get up at 6.30am thinking that I need to rush and finish something pending, urgent, not that urgent but pending…Scared that I will feel bad for going away and being myself for 4 days! – Now that’s insane. What do you call this? – I think Workoholic is like a very teenie weenie word to descirbe it right? Feels like a syndrome to me.

Any clue how to solve this? don’t tell me “not to think…” thats not a solution! – I have been meditating and it doesnt seem to work. So not thinking is not an option here. And btw scientifically there is nothing like not thinking. So?


9 thoughts on “at a loss of ideas

  1. There’s an instant solution to it – JUST DO IT!

    haha. tats d best option! once u experience it, ul realize its value.

    Are you scared of spending time with urself and letting ur vulnerable side surface to yourself?

  2. Hmmm phobia of some kind? I know thoughts and ideas wont leave your mind. So why not just replace them with some others? Giving priority to other thoughts. Like planning about the holiday and doing some fun stuff.
    And spend loads of time enjoying and having fun, you will never know when/where the 4 days flew! 🙂
    Have a nice holiday.

  3. dude! its a break!! and it doesnt come by too often so enjoy it! the phone calls and emails and people can wait..i can assure u ,u wont be missing anything…get urself a book, meet up with friends, go for a walk…basically do wat u dont often hv time for..
    n make sure u have a really good time..coz once the break is over, ita back to the grind..

  4. @lively – too much of a phobia. well thanks for those wishes.. i did try to replace thoughts with loads of things untill the blasts took my peace away..

    @churning – yeah did all of the above and more! – n am quite sad that the break is O V E R … works starts so soon and i dont feel like going to work.. The monday blues are going to be worse than PMS this time.

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