when you try to get away

I forgot about 5 times that evening that I was leaving… YeS! sometimes you do forget that you are trying to take a break and the moment has finally arrived. Dad and mom seemed to be more excited about my break. For the first time asked , “how i was going to make my way to my friend’s place..?” I think they had secretly sensed that I had been forgetting. On the train, I was at peace.. still thinking about work ofcourse, and getting scary pangs in my heart before switching off my phone. So after some final msgs I took the courage to switch it off. 

Destination was to arrive at 5am:) After having set an alarm for it I tried to sleep off. Next morning as I stood close to the train doors I could smell the rain. That was enough to make me forget the crazy things in my head!

6 am: I had the audacity of waking up a close friend on a week day. But it all seemed fair because it was her:) My head felt at home and the excitement of the break had sunk inway too much. A book kept me company, while I kept sleeping off for seconds but getting up suddenly – almost as if my body didnt want to miss a second of the break sleeping. The day passed on the most comfortable couch ever, while the evening was spent with the most special person in my life. I slept as if I had been made to dig tunnels and woke up tp a cheerful sms – that translated read “WOO baby – here I come !”

So day 2 – was everything but REAL! and absolutely I D E A L. Wine, rain, friend, couch, couplings – season 3! – WOO HOO. I was too drunk to remember anything 😀 and finally was feeling away from work… away enough to forget the troubles and irritating emails.

Day 3 – This was an ideal in terms for getting up late, shopping, coffee.. and WOW Nandos!:D Not that there are few moments that remind me of my crazie weekends in aussie land – but the peri peri sauce seems to steal the show. The ambience made me feel really wobbly in my heart and I could not get enough of smoked chicken cooked too perfectly. 

But life aint dreams and dreams dont last too long.. so one call was enough to turn tables… Saturday evening was drenched in worrisome calls making sure everyone was okay back home. It felt like an interruption and an abrupt ending to a wonderful film… 

So while taking the not so planned route back home I thought to myself, “why is it so difficult to dream.. why is it so difficult for to live it and why does it all have to end in this way?”


5 thoughts on “when you try to get away

  1. It gets very difficult to be away from work. And yes, I do agree that one needs to have lots of guts to switch off a cell…lol..:D
    Good one 🙂 I will read your other posts now 🙂

  2. Awesome time you had. I guess you need to take more breaks of this sort and not take things/life seriously, because by now you know that it aint permanent, not even for the next 5 mins. Live life as if it is ur last day 🙂 Only then you can enjoy it without any worries.
    Take more and regular breaks.

  3. Last day 😀 I am so lazy and sleepy even if it were my last day I would be sleeping!! LOL – and dont scare me wiht all those thoughts.. man after these bomb blasts i dont feel safe even in my room. 😦
    will take a break soon once again!

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