i can be me!

I wrote, “I am sorry I am in a pool of depression…”

He must have smiled at this line and thought to himself, well! not again. You have done this a million times. You know this is not the first time and mostly not the last. This is you. And you know that, but you still would like to believe that you are sad. I am so sure that you will call in the next 10 minutes to say that you have made up your mind to move out. You will say, “Pata hai.. ” and narrate the whole boring story about the “so not happening woman!” But I have still not figured why you enjoy being the so depressed person when you have so much more to you. 

But amongst all these thoughts he wrote, ” No problem in lyin in a  depression pool for a while. you would be more fresh when you come out. So stop thinking, even depression won’t kill you, it would make you better :P”

Well that’s where lies the secret of my optimism, unknown energy to pull through all sorts of tough moments and the whole idea of being me!


8 thoughts on “i can be me!

  1. Coming out from th bouts of depression is possible only when we are, well, we. Being yourselves, and most importantly, believing in your selves will definitely make a difference. So, finally, depression s just a state of mind 🙂 It is rather good to be eternally (rather, incorrigibly) optimistic 🙂

  2. Someone suffering from bouts of depression can easily come out if one manages to be onself, and most importantly, believing in oneself. Depression, finally, is just a state of mind. Being eternally (rather, incorrigibly) optimistic is what it takes to be happy and successful in life 🙂

  3. Manoj and Lively – Thanks for all these amazing words… depression is far away from me at the moment. As caffience tends to make happy and get ready to fight another day at work.

    hmm… yeah exaggeration is my best friend you see! – So i tend to bother my best friend with these hyperbole sentences 😀 Which usually are returned with such amazing words from his side

    Thanks to all of you I dont stay sad for more than a few seconds…

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