Breakfast with the crows

It was a precious breakfast in every way. Firstly it was the walk that was about two kilometers and the second being the more important reason. We were seated by the beach where the waves lashed against the rocks to greet us. At first we were too sleepy to notice anyone or anything except for the what we wanted on the menu.

After a shot of coffee, the blur reduced and I saw him kawwwing right next to me. I ignored him and he retaliated with vengeance. He started taking low flights next to us to make his presence felt… While we shooed him and most other time dint notice he was pretty mad after about 40 minutes of his super hero performance. That’s when he called up on the mafia of the lot.




He had a curved beak and a fierce look. I could feel the piercing vibes from the left corner. My shoulder felt as if it were being poked. It turned my face and saw him. I was finally taking the gang of crows seriously and decided to get up and give my seat away to the couple. Here’s what it looked like after I got up. Bon appetite Mr. crow!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast with the crows

  1. NAH! they were like totally ganging up man! – total mafiaraj i tell you:)

    Am hoping to add some pics soon to it.. with this dreadful connection i cant:(

  2. ha ha…been quite a while since i saw a crow..dont see them around here….btw you, everything for you, looks like, starts with only a cup of coffee…Too much of caffeine..???

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