the aftermath of a working-holiday

Traveling is not an easy passion to possess. On one hand where life takes a break from everything that seems normal and usual when one leaves the comfort zone behind to explore the unknown while on the other you getting ready to fight the new sort of food, bed, pillow, staying awake at godly hours to make sure that you just make it to this amazing place.

Pondicherry trips have always been a welcome break from the boring days at work. 1. Because the project itself it challenging, something new and one gets to work with students. 2. Because the evenings are very special spent in the most ideal ways. Last week was one of those welcome breaks, this time for some reason more special. I have a feeling god tends to give you what you want really badly. 

Day 1 – A few trips back we would not wait to throw our bags and rush to the beach. It felt like paying homage to the sea and announcing the arrival of the deprived souls (yes we are very deprived of lazy afternoon and mostly everything that defines a good time in a place like Ahmedabad) This time we lazed around, kept watching TV till very late, chatted, slept and did everything on the menu called “lazy bones” When we finally stepped out the city was slowly sinking in to slumber (it being a tuesday night!). After a few soothing pegs of vodka the brain was ready to function. 

Day 2 – The usual grind at the school, the student chatter is the best music available under the education score. They make you think and learn much more than we can make them do. so after one more day of amazing learnings we left the school to hit the lazy bones state for the next 2 hours. And boy the ladies were ready to unwind… or should we call it set the sea to fire! One of those nights where you seem to make sense of life under the influence of close friends and alchohol. We’ve all heard how people start to become all emotional after a few pegs but I am of the opinion that people tend to make much more sense in this state. They always talk from the bottom of their hearts and their mind is not playing games anymore. So I re-learnt basic facts of life:

1. There is nothing better in the world than drinking by the beach with a couple of friends

2. Friends make you feel you while good food adds spice to your personality

3. It’s good to be naked at heart, mind and mouth – just helps to deal with the crazy ideas in your head.

4. I am getting old and richer by the company I possess

Day 3 – The morning started with my previous post “Breakfast with the crows”; followed by an average day at work. Yet another of those nights when food takes over everything else. Good food and especially well cooked and marinated meat adds flavour at the hour of need. It brings a refreshing turn and helps swallow unpleasent memories. 

Day 4 – (NO I dont want to leave) My body felt chained in pleasures of me and as if work was dragging me to the abyss. I kept screaming “No I don’t want to leave…. Leave me to being me!” Work seemed to get a little challenging that morning and two of the team members leaving that evening brought a suddent drop in the party fever. A few messages of “I will miss this and that and you!” were exchanged to express the suddent loss of company. The evening sore and the wine called. An evening to remember it was. This is by far the best ambience after the back waters of kerala. Quite, cosy, tiny and a few feet higher than the ground is the tree house as Nee describes it. I have a feeling it lifts up your spirits no matter what you are feeling. As the wine washed sanity away, conversations became sparse, silence felt the need to be present. The food tasted better than ever and allured the two of us to stay on longer. The music seemed to compliment thoughts in the head and as Joan Osbourne sang “One of us” I thought to myself, if truly God was one of us I would have wanted him to stop time and let me be there… 

I am back and I am in denial…


10 thoughts on “the aftermath of a working-holiday

  1. Totally agree. Spending just a day at Kerala Backwaters can be so soothing. Pondicherry is also a great place if you are in great mood and with great company. “One of Us” is such a special song , you end up looking for god in every endearing soul :D. Just a slob like one of us :P. very well written. May you keep churning more and more with both mind and heart in happy mood, at right place.

  2. woo hoo so finally the much awaited post! I’m doing a loooooooong post over the weekend trek. Yeah nothing better than a trip to unwind oneself and get refreshed. Wonderful post this one! Pondicherry is on my to-go list.

  3. @ Aaloka – YES – will never forget .. it was one of the best trips 🙂
    @ Richy – Pray that I get to go very often to pondy! and i will keep writing this stuff
    @ Lively – Yes WOO HOO! – come along next time we go…
    @ churning – YES YES & YES! – the only way to join us is to come wiht us next time .. and yah.. just to make u jealous.. some more pics on FB!! 😛

  4. So thatz the reason u were in denial..hmmm..good reason to be. Well, I agree that too much of travelling makes you miss comfort of home, but then, in the future..when you turn back and look…you know the kind of feeling you get 🙂 It looks like you had a very “IDEAL” working holiday 🙂 I am jealous! 😀

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