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Yesterday (Kal) – Is a diary of my crazy times just to make me free wiser and more mature today
Your oldest memory:
 My oldest memories are with Neel when I was probably 2 years old and he was 3!

What were you doing 10 years ago? – Struggling to balance school and college.
Today (Aaj) – Is a struggle between personal and professional goals
Your first thought today morning: WOW – it’s walk in the rains all over again

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

time capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future. Time capsules are sometimes created and buried during celebrations such as a World Fair, cornerstone laying for a building or other event. They can also be unintended caches such as at Pompeii. The phrase “time capsule” has been in use since about 1937, but the idea is as old as the earliest human civilizations in Mesopotamia.

All my birthdays, my years in australia and my time with my doggie.

Tomorrow (Kal)
This year ….
has been a n eventful and a big learning curve and full of self realisations till now…

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Running my own freelance studio, about 6 dogs, and 2 cats – probably not in India


I am going to tag – Lively, Rima and Manoj


4 thoughts on “Tagged in time!

  1. mmm..interesting tag 🙂 whatz the breed of your doggy? BTW thanks for tagging me. I will soon work on it. For now, I have an offshore call:) C ya 🙂

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