Lunch with the Ladies!

(in the box has been a little quite with all the traveling, people not feeling too well and the hush-bush of endless meetings… But we are back with a bang and this time to celebrate that battle between the heart and the mind!)

There is always reason without rhyme to celebrate when you least need it. But this time it seemed right to go out splurge and act as teenagers at heart, mind and tongue. It had been a long battle in my head and with the decision makers to allow me to do what I must do and I would rather do. Finally I found a way to please them and get my way (or so I think!) The weather had us all in an indulgent mode and the occassion got us all drunk(Yeah when you live in a dry state, you find idiotic thing to get yourself intoxicated)  

After great discussion (read incohorent loud suggestions from all) we ended up in Little Italy. Well before your mind (and mine too!) starts thinking of sparkling wine let me remind you we are in a dry state! So we shall try and quench the thirst with peach tea. The table looked like an amazing canvas potraying a home garden in Italy. Green/black olives, sundried/ fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and basil! (uh I am hungry!) Well! if you thought this is what made us go mad. Not at all!

It’s the unending stories that we needed to catch up on. Mostly trivial but well! most serious things start with a trivial hello. Dont they? The burning topic of the hour was an ugly entrant to the proffesional scene. No one seems to be happy about it when you have anticipated someone really happening. And I had to share in  the most animated fashion that was served with extra cheese.

And so once we had ordered to our heart’s content and there was enuff to pick and pounce on the table, we savoured the flavour of disgust. We all added our on ingredient of how there were not enough space for each one of us to jump and breathe in the presence of hmmmf! Yeah there was no personal life that could remain personal in the professional arena as soon as the cat’s ears had heard of it. The stories would be narrated in a new style with a uniqueness of it own kind and before you know people would have known the kind of cutlery you used over lunch with someone.

On one hand where people die to work in an office like ours for all the transparency (NO there is no skin show) we fight for a life that remains and revolves in our heads or at the max amongst the four!


7 thoughts on “Lunch with the Ladies!

  1. its a different high when you know you can be yourself and there are no expectations of “how you are” supposed to be……
    i think we should make this a monthly ritual.

  2. Why is N saying that? I thought we were following the line on her board – ‘I am not responsible for what others think I am capable of doing.’ 🙂

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