A little bag of gold

“Wish there was a pinch of gold that I could steal from you I said” Those little sparkling eyes stared at me from the postcard. I felt as if he would not let go of my hand. I was wondering if smile at the spark in this eyes or should i just walk off with disgust for he was holding my attention when it was not something I would do normally.

I drove off but the eyes dint leave me… They made me think of why there were somethings, people, thoughts that never leave you? Are they meant to make u think first and then make you smile several years later? (I tend to think the later… but that’s just me!)


At the cross roads she was trying to hold on to one in her arms while the other was clutching her fingers. She was trying hard not to let the 5 year old go. The little girl kept pulling her to the other side of the road and pointing at the food stalls. She kept looking away as if they never existed. She must have been so lost in the guilt that absolutely did not hear me. I honked and honked but she walked as if things around her were blur. I stopped with a screech thinking – “thank god I dint…. ” But she was still lost in her own world walking slowly while the little girl jumped to see the car stop by. This is when she turned. Her first reaction was much, “… since when did cars start coming here…?” or may be

“…since when did cars start stopping because I was crossing the road?”


A million times do we cross people we dont know who pass on this little bag of gold to us. A n unconditional smile and the most meaningful thank you ever.


7 thoughts on “A little bag of gold

  1. Ah! Finally I get to be first while posting a comment on your ever-so popular blog 😉 But, this post I like…a strange co-incidence that I was reading Shobha De’s story “When AIDS Came Home” and she says the same thing about urban middle class – that for them everyone else is invisible, except the rigmaroles of daily life, and their own issues – nice to know you found time to think about something so beyond any of our influence areas and yet feel the change. Keep it up!

  2. @henri – Hmmmm well i tried hard that ur comment would be right on top but aaaahe! some others had already said things 😀 but am glad i m already writing/thinking on the lines of Shobha De’….

    @lively and Vids -thanks!

  3. i like the post..loved the last line actually…can read a lot of meaning in it..

    ekta,anar, i havent read “When AIDS Came Home” by shobha de…dnt like her too much so hvnt read much…may b i shud gv her a second chance..

  4. 5 year old.. haan! and all that expression on her face that u noticed, drilling down to what might be going on in her mind.

    u had barely had the time to brake, but had all the time to notice the rest of the details… (?)

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