rum raisins and rattle

The table was set for two… Fresh new set of cutlery was bought to impress and the honey dew candles were filling up the room. If he had known that the guest would arrive later than promised he would have lit them a little them a little later. The promised time was 7.30pm. It was 4 seconds past that. Sometimes this seems longer and even longer to realise how much could have changed in those 4 seconds…

It was about 10 seconds after 7:35pm. that’s when the difficult moment arrived. He knew if he could pass this one he would do fine for the rest of the night. He opened to the door to an 18 year old, who looked much older than he had imagined. She was holding a shinny bottle of wine and the world’s best smile one her face. “HI! ready to celebrate the fact that I don’t have to listen to you anymore?”

There were two tiny tears in his eyes but he reminded himself that this was not the time. She glared at the table, a well baked rum-raisin cake waited to be cut and rejoiced. She looked at her plate it had two shiny stars on it with a note that read, “there’s one more star to you now! – Happy birthday!” She picked up one of them, “Do I really need this extra star when I have you dad?” 

May be you do for all that you have dealt with.

While they talked about the first time she ever baked a cake and how she threw up on the floor after a glass of vodka on her 15th birthday, he could not believe that he had not seen her grow each day from the girl who loved the rum and raisin to someone who could touch the bottom of the glass to tell you how good the wine was…


6 thoughts on “rum raisins and rattle

  1. I wish my dad celebrated my bday with rum/wine! 😛
    He’d freak out even to know that I wish this.
    Nice one!

  2. oh wow really? wot happened to her though. I’m thinking and moving on to read other posts. Thank you for commenting on my blog and posts and my writing style. I’m glad you visited!

  3. @Lively – I think this is more for what we might do for our kids:D – Though i can’t complain because my folks do the same
    @ N – hmmmm!!

    @ Red hmmm yeah let me know what you thought.. would be interesting, in my head it’s a continuation of a series of thoughts and images…

  4. I thought this had a prequel or some clues in the rest of the posts, thats why I went on to read more about it. But now I think its just growing up, she’s growing up and actually growing out of her home or .. u kno… jus learning so much more so quickly from the world, than from her dad, at this time.

  5. I keep seeing it as a part of the “The purple man..” read the page … it might make sense. But doesnt have to.. I think this makes sense anyways..

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