what’s in the cup of coffee?

Hardly any words spoken since 5pm. I lay on the couch with the second cup of coffee for the evening. The strong smell of Lavazza has been keeping me going for the past 2 hours. There were several thoughts that had crossed my mind and Frazier was not keeping me busy for some reason today… 

What’s in that cup of coffee I asked?

there is a  bitter taste down my throat

my tongue taste more like the bottom portion of a coffee plunger

a promises that came while adding brown sugar

to the small pleasures of my life

there’s a sketch of half nude woman 

with hair long and dark like the warm brownie served bubbling in chocolate syrup.

She sat at the brim of her chair 

Stirring thoughts of what will come when she reaches home

when she enters the kitchen to find the fridge stinking

of food that was 4 days old.

When the floor will be stained with take-aways

When the memories of wonderful gourmet food 

will reside only in nostalgia…

Oh yes the taste of lavazza reminds of nights by the rivers and endless stories woven to be produced in some years to come. Some stand as such stark photo frames in my head, while other are like sheets handwritten scripts in ink washed away in the rain. 

While coffee keeps my brain burning with a few hundered shots that are yet to be taken in well lit production sets, I am glad there something called a blog that helps me pen down these half written/thought ideas that can be opened up someday to turn into a wonderful saga of memories…


10 thoughts on “what’s in the cup of coffee?

  1. @ Lively – hey! memories are the song that i hear every morning 😀 I love em! – they are like the 100 pictures taken and framed on my wall… they hardly ever H A U N T!

    @ Xylene- Thanks for visiting! n tx for appreciating- am waiting for your landlady to do something crazy so that you tell us about it! 😀

  2. Although Intelligentsia & Vivace are our choice coffee, I now see there’s a Lavazza in Chicago. We will have to seek and review next trip.

    Interesting writing here and Thanks for leaving a comment! Cheers!

  3. @Coffee Messiah! – Thanks for visiting! I am not sure if i have tried the ones you have mentioned but will keep an eye out for it.. All my coffee pleasure seem to be dwindling due the lack of choice of brands available here (India)…

  4. Oh, these are here in the states. Vivace in Seattle Wa, and Intelligentsia in Chicago Illinois.

    We are in indy-anna, via Ca & Wa state.

    It’s the same here, slim pickens! ; (

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