the talk

I am down with a migrane attack. The first few hours of the morning were all a blurr to me… I could not even get up to take a medicine or sign – talk to ask someone to get it. All I could mange to say was “i am not going to work today!” – This is a usually a shock coming from a workoholic (signs of which you will see in the conversations just coming up…)ย Well So after having finally woken up; taken a medicine, throwing up my breakfast and sleeping for 3 hours… I woke up to a few sms’s that once again looked more like, “oye tu office mein nahin hai?” – I wish I could have sent them a huge hoarding saying, “YES! – Me the workoholic just cannot make it to office” And there rang the alarming ring from the MD…

My head was still shaking and my hand was trying to stay away from the green button – but I picked it up (My brain was sort of shouting at me at that moment and calling me names like – “Karam jaali” – kal moohi and so on…)

ME: Hello!

MD: …hmmm…

Me: .hmmmmm….

MD: You are on leave right? (in a rather apologetic tone) {But I must tell you don’t go by the tone, it meant something like this, “OYE tooch prani! – tune- tujhe sharam nahin aati hai… tu bimar hai, aaj hi ka din mila tha tujhe bimar padne ke liye?!!”}

ME: (smiles) YES! {in my head – “once again i managed to take leave!!:D, And I am hoping I am making you feel really bad for calling me when I am not well. Almost knowing that he doesnt care if I am half dying!”}

MD: … so this ratlam…(The pause meant, “Say YES! – warna I will post for the next 6 months there! and you will not be allowed to come back..)

ME: (in my head – “Ratlam.. you mean ratlami sev?!, No I can’t have ratlami sev! – that will kill me right now. My migrane is really bad.. and I cant seem to have all that right now)

MD: (So yeah whatever I say doesnt matter tone…)..haan so can you go there? (In his head: Chal! na bol kar Deekha… Maine tera khoon pe jaaonga!”)

ME: … Okay….(still feeling quite sick in the stomach thinking of what ratlami sev can do to my existing state)

MDย rattles off some details of how I will have to travel to Ratlam for like twice in a week. (In his head : yeh to sab kehne ke baatien hai, jab wahan jaaogi to pata chalega ki Ratlam kya hai!)

ME:.. Ok…. (Thinking of how Kareena Kapoor in Jab WE MET – was stuck at the Ratlam railway station and then followed by a loafer only to find Shahid Kapoor… I was thinking kaunsa Shahid Kapoor will be there for me now!? And what if the hotel I end up staying in is pretty similar to the one that they stayed and ultimately had to run away from due the raid!)

MD:… hmmmm… Ok…

(phone gets disconnected. I am quite sure it was my friend in Airtel who must gotten that phone cut, or else I would have been feeling really sick about eating ratlami sev and thinking about the heat in that area…)

I am still recovering from the talk, and wondering what will I do in Ratlam, if you know of cool places to hang out there then let me know.. I’ll try and get pictures of the actual railways station and the sidey hotel for all of you. wish me luck!

So Xylene – you had asked me if there is such a thing as a fav boss!? and I had said YES! And although I quite admire the MD for all that he has tolerated of me and would like to award him with a “patience award” dont know what to call him after this call? – Any ideas?


12 thoughts on “the talk

  1. the pain in your head must have shifted elsewhere after hearing the Ratlam news…
    Poor you! Hope your Shahid Kapur is as rich, as young and better-looking…

    All the best!!!

    ME: Yes this is all the encouragement I was looking for! – Yes I would not be surprised if I find a rather Shaheed looking more like a the kapor(that you use in the kitchen) there,.. But now that you have given me such hopes I wont sleep…

  2. hahah…funny and do share your experience after coming from Ratlam..lols

    ME: thanks! – well ofcourse you will have more hillarious posts!

  3. So atlast u did recieve a call frm ur “Buddy”…lols..

    Ratlami sev brings water to my mouth so better get that fr me and r u really dreaming of finding Shahid in Ratlam, nw for that babes u really need to thank ur buddy, wo bhejenge waha kisi ko…:)

    ME: Why is he my buddy now? – Buddies sirf ek hi hain hamari office mein;) Haan sab pray karna that I find him there LOL!

  4. Koi yeh post iske MD ko bhejo yaar [:D]. you seem to be in full nautanki mode. May you get your ishmart and rich shahid [:P]. Scan the land for some pretty girls too [;)]

    ME: Richy – tu mujhe marwa ke rahega! – Haan sab scanning, data collection karke aaungi ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. awww … But hey, the shahid kapoor incentive is nice ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ya take pics and I dunno – find a cottage like place to live. shud be a nice experience minus moving away from ur loved ones for a lil while. Somehow I’m always excited when I hear of the “moving” prospects.

    ME: I am not moving.. just going there for a project! – so don’t have much of a choice of where I live, how much time I have to spend on my own etc…
    But will try and make the most of it for sure, it’s been a while that I have been outta town.

  6. First, get well soon. Throw that migraine out of your window.

    And take me please if you are not in mood then at least I can have my date. Is Farhan Akhtar also coming ? Would love to see him there.
    Will you speak to your boos abt me ? Pulllleeeeze…….

    ME: How did you know Farhan was coming!! – Oh my GOD – my mind seems to be leaking information ! ๐Ÿ˜€ My dreams are walking away and telling others about my secret plans ๐Ÿ˜€
    Chalo will take as many people as we can gather. That’s itself will ensure we have enough to do…
    And thanks am feeling much better, the migrane is gone after a really sleepy – drowsy weekend

  7. haha
    Dont call him any names yet, because you never know if this is for good. Like you said you might meet Shahid (or a better fella).

    If things turns out to be awkward(god forbid ๐Ÿ™‚ ), the names will come in rather easily.


    Also as far as my research on managers go :

    1. The dont like when we take leaves. They think that when we call in sick, we are faking it to get an off for one day.
    2. They can take a leave any day, but its for a valid reason like Son’s bday, cousin’s neighbour’s wedding etc.
    3. If they don’t reply to an email, they were just busy.
    4. If you get a promotion, it because they fought for it. If you didn’t it because you were not good at it. (so there is no room for your hard work)
    5. There is nothing like a fav boss. Yes if you call him/her as “He/She is my worst fav boss”


    ME: LOL! – I must say the analysis has been submitted after long drawn research and extensive tests.:D I totally agree with point no 4 – When I heard it the last time I really felt like sayin, Waise it’s not going to make any difference to the work I do so might as well not give to me.. because it acutally means you will do less work than before and call everything else a larger responsibility for me!

  8. hearing ratlam only brought to mind the movie jab we met!

    ME: Chandni! – thanks for dropping by… Yes well I am hoping i can go write a script for Jab we Met -2!! and get some location shots.. in the process may be find the lead cast – LOL!

  9. y no update? u r in Ratlam already?

    ME: Hey! that’s really sweet.. no am not in Ratlam.. just been busy with work and stuff.. tom’s like the first week off! – after ages.. Will write some more tom..:D

    Thanks to you I read parts of Importance of being Earnest again!…

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