Weekend wonders

There are some weekends that seem so special for the simple things that one does. Just a walk, a talk with grandpa, movies back to back, coffee with friends, mindless driving in the rain, watching tv till early hours of the morning, sleeping all afternoon on a sunday, catching up with old friends and planning a cousin’s wedding…

Things seem perfect when you tend to do these really tiny meaningful things. Why is it that these small gestures tend to change so much around you, why does happiness of these moments make you feel more content than a huge task being completed after months or probably years?

So that was my weekend! After a rather silent week and no posts I thought I should share a review of these two fantastic film…

A Wednesday – More than a film, it’s a life changing experience if you truly wish to change something around you. Beautifully written dialogues interwoven with a script that keeps you glued to your seat. One of those films that you hope does not end and hate it when the screen reads intermission. Needless to say that the acting is flawless and the editing brings shivers down the spine. While the world raves about how good Naseeruddin and Anupam Kher are in the film, I prefer to praise the outstanding performance of Jimmy Shergill and Aamir Bashir. I think these are two fine actors and they should stay away from commerical cinema. The last 15 minutes of the film were stirring and tend to shake you up – but it’s worth it if we can bring the change required. So what should a person like you and me do? Are we ready to force the police to take charge and join them in their mission to clean up our home?


What happens in Vegas – Ashton Kutcher surprises you once again. While the messy look, the ‘awe so cute’ face and the absolutely hot looking hunk takes your heart away, He succeeds in passing on a rather serious message to our generation. The film revolves around a couple who get married under the influence of drinking (while this was a little too difficult to digest!) and hopes to get a divorce soon after this. They are forced to live with each other and make it work. The film is a straight knock on the face for some of us who tend to take most friendships and relationships for granted. Though the film talks about marriage, my take-away of the this well narrated story is:

you meet a million people everyday. Some of these people you know, you are friends with, and some of them just pass by… Those who are standing next to you are there for a reason. The reason being you. The reason being that you can be you. We ignore it till we enter a zone that seems alien and want every single thing and person back who forced you to be you… so take a deep breath and look around. If you are not already investing a wee bit of you in this person around you, you are not taking yourself seriously. 


7 thoughts on “Weekend wonders

  1. @Lively – yes alot of meaningful stuff and I am getting a feeling it is going to be alot of meaning in the next 2 weeks…A wednesday is a must watch! – highly recommended

    @Churning – yes marathon after a while now! – was fun must say..

  2. First things first, watching TV till the wee hours is not a ‘meaningful” thing! Wake up! 🙂

    Wednesday was a great movie. I missed “What happens in Vegas” somehow. Should catch up eith it sometime. And its time for an other short story please, especialy now that I am backkkkkkkkk 🙂

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