Ratlam ki galiyon mein

An hour and a half walking around the unknown lanes of Ratlam familiarises  you with what this town has to offer, or so you would think. Most of us imagine this place to be the sidey railway station or the shady ‘Decent Hotel’ that we saw in Jab we met. Frankly! That’s what I had thought myself when I wrote ‘The Talk‘. 

Today I am four days old in this town and can have walked around enough to know the secret turns and lanes back to my hotel. I have these funny landmarks all over the place like the small moongfali shop, the auto parts store or Maya bhojanalay! These are very handy especially when you need to take an auto at 3am in the morning. But what I know of Ratlam is nothing compared to what the silver screen managed to create a huge impression of…

Ratlam – is a realisation of the precious possessions. Today when I open my laptop I can almost close my eyes and move the mouse and type out http://www.google.com. With a few clicks I change my travel plans and a few others I can stay in touch with everyone I want to and ignore the ones I wish! This tiny girls hostel and primary school where I have been spending a lot of time and trying to get students to use a computer program called ‘Mindspark‘ – a digital self Maths learning program. Sounds great and like any other computer based program. A student from the city tends to pick up what to do in less than 10 seconds. While my best friends here take around 2 days to get used to the mouse and the fact that they need to click for some action to take place. Everytime I type a few lines on my screen I think of my self as the privileged soul. 

The kids here are so happy with 25 minutes of their computer program while we crib when we need to shut our laptops or phone in a flight or a hospital. It’s strange how they do not wish for more and while the girls here have been asking me to stay back, every morning the only thought that crosses my mind is, “I hope you get to study all you can.. I hope you get everything you want, I hope that one day you see where the world is progressing… I hope I can steal you away and show you how comfortably one can live these days… ” 

And then again I think otherwise…

(Besides walking on the muddy roads, teaching the kids I have been taking some interesting shots at you might see. Life feels in control, I feel free and mornings seem to bring an unknown sense of confidence because what I am set to achieve is a smile on these beaming faces!)


8 thoughts on “Ratlam ki galiyon mein

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  2. Ratlam ki galiyo mei.. this line was enuf to take me back to the movie and remind me of hotel ‘Decent’ 😛
    But seems like you are having a wonderful experience with the girls over there. I’d like to repeat the same wish as urs. May they grow up to be self dependent and know of the world as we see it!! or better.

  3. @ Livley – yes! once again walked a whole lot of Ratlam today! 😀 took like some 200 pics.. will be uploading some soon once back.. can’t tell you how attached I am with this place..

    @ Chandni – Thanks! – Yes I am sure thse girls are so determined and they are doing pretty well.. just dont feel like coming back

  4. Hello:

    I was very excited to read your article about Ratlam. I was raised in Ratlam and been away for over 18 yrs now. I would like to get in touch with you and exchange more thoughts and details from your trip.

    Please contact me. smasih@gmail.com


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