The Little black dress

Every one has this little black dress that you think is perfect. You think it’s this dress that’s lucky and it always makes you look your best! and hence you end up wearing this smile to yourself all evening.

It was re-union time once again. The same ol booze, people but everything seemed to look at little too mature than before

She was texting someone when she was interrupted. The lines on the phone read, ‘I am standing where I first met you…'(It was Riya) “hey it’s been a while I saw you at the union. Where have you been?”

Ash was not really happy to see her but still replied,’ Just around, working a bit and traveling a little I guess that’s how I have been missing these meetings. Yes it was easy to carry this off. She thought as she tried to finish the message she was typing, ‘and wearing the black dress..’ (interrupted again..)

Yet another ‘Hey Ashie, I have been meaning to write to you. We had this draft that we were working on and I thought you would be best to help us edit this…”

and this time she tried to wear a half smile, ‘ Sure email it to me, (reluctantly handing over her visiting card and still thinking about the message she wanted to finish and send… )

..”Thanks Ash, will send it over first thing in the morning..’ (the voice fades away)

Ash looks up, trying to find her self something to sip and a place where she could sit by herself. A quite place seemed like a tough place to find, and while she was about to reach out for the deep blue looking drink, she saw her(Rita). Rita was wearing a beautiful green dress and was smiling as she described something to the bunch of people. Ash was too scared to look at who stood next to Rita and walked straight ahead aiming for the couch on the other side. She erased the messaged she was writing…. and wrote a new one instead. 

..I’ll be home in an 30 minutes, the little black dress seems to have lost it’s shine”


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