Strange ties

It was just another hang out weekend with relatives. It’s the usual grind when my maternal aunt is in town. I end up playing chauffeur, taking these really young at heart family members shopping from one mall to the other. What struck me today was the fact that there was a little bit of each of them in me. It felt like an unspoken way giving a warm hug and saying, we love you!

WE were just about getting into the car and my uncle and I said togather, ‘Hey can we go to the restaurant please.. ” I looked at him and stared. This was probably the first time in years we wanted to go to the same place. Well you might think who is not hungry at lunch time? While I do agree with that point of view, there were several such things that happened today.

At times we would enter a store and while in one store my aunt would like something that I had just picked up and while walking through the long corridors at times I would be staring through the latest gadgets and find my uncle doing the same thing.

I kept thinking, Is it me that is growing old, or turning more like each one of them? oe it’s this whole gene thing? Just when I thought of concentrating on the food my aunt said, “it’s strange how you tend to like the same TV shows as I do but hate chillies in your food like your mama”


8 thoughts on “Strange ties

  1. Ah! That is indeed strange, but kind of cute in a way. But then, I am not surprised. Even sociologists tend to think that likes, dislikes, habits, fears are learned…there is enough and more proof to establish these. But yes, we never imagine that we pick up things from people we don;t interact with ever so often…but it’s true and I think a little lovely as well! In fact, we’ve picked up our ideas of “classy” and “funky” and “bakwaas” from our friends and parents!

  2. genes exit and they show up..always…no matter how much u try to be “differnt” or”be ur won person”..
    but in a way its connects you to ur family in a very special way. so all n all, its good!

  3. True very true. I wonder how uber modern that we may claim ourselves to be , we still deep in our hearts stay all the same; maintaining our faith in old beliefs. 46 chromosomes never tell a lie nor let us hide the unhidden stuff 🙂

  4. omg. I feel so same sometimes when i talk with parents and my brother. and parents is fine, I mean one surely has a lot of things similar to their parents. But my brother, the way he talks, or hears, his little expressions of appreciation is soooooooo like me. family 🙂

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