when coffee gets replaced

It felt 10 years younger. It was three college bench buddies sitting and cribbing about each other. Mostly pulling G’s leg I think. The dirty canteen walls had been replaced by a nice n clean Barista. But most importantly Coffee was replaced by tea. Which means we were much more sorted out  – Yes! grown up in the general sense. So today when we wake up, we know exactly what we wanted from the moment go,   the days are planned and more importantly the vacations.

The meeting was not decided but just happened to be as G was in town. She decided to meet this third buddy of ours from college. I really dint want to go, I tried to make all sorts of excuses like i have changed to to go to bed but she is one person who can make me do alot of things that I start feeling – ‘No i dont want to” but end up feeling, ” Thanks God i did it!”

The evening turned out to be a similar one. We opened the menus from the back to order the less popular tea section. While the two ladies ordered the more tea like tea I went for the slightly stronger option.  Cardamom tea…(I am taking my time to get over Coffee) When the order arrived we were deep in discussion about how we should allure G to moving back here. It was strange how everything I have been saying for the past 10 years (Shit! does feel really long!) was being re-said by this other friend. G kept giving me looks as to how I had taken the discussion to something she did not want to hear. But at the end of it all I am glad she is taking the idea seriously.

She is probably the only connection I have left in my life to the hard – core artist in me. She drags me to the photo-exhibitions, takes endless hours at the book store. It’s when she is around that I wonder what I should wear even if it means going to the stationers. I find myself looking at  the literature that I have long forgotten… and being the just turned 20 mood.

What we realised as we parted:

> We had grown up

> we had see alot of different things in life

> We might have travelled alot but there is alot that we dont know

> I better work hard, take responsible risks if we want to make it big

and most important we should meet up more often to re-ignite the college spark.

Today have grown 10 years older with each other, we dump the bags in the same way and throw the mobile on the bed as soon as we enter to the room, exactly the same way. We read different books and travel by ourselves to several small unknown places in the country; taking random pictures at odd hours in the morning, But what is strange is that we do all of these thinking of each other…


6 thoughts on “when coffee gets replaced

  1. i guess your thoughts were running faster than your fingers could… lots of errors 😀

    or is that too a part of ungrowing 10 years older?

  2. I loved this one. I think this is the best from whatever I have read so far in this blog. “But what is strange is that we do all of these thinking of each other…”..I remember my friends too!
    Though too much of coffee is not good I think coffee wud mark a good “get together” gesture..atleast for me.

  3. really loved it….agree with it even more. knowing that others have gone through the same thing too and have survived helps… thanks a ton…..

  4. …and she will keep seeing you as she does, even as you re-invent yourself, even as you grow another ten years…more power to you, to the artist in you, the person in you…

  5. @ saik, hello glad you dropped by. And you are free to help me out clean up the piece. As usual i hate editing my posts!

    @ Manoj – WOO HOO! UFO you like this one! – n ‘hello’ what does that last line of your’s mean.. you are actually going to have a coffee get-togather?? am i invited??

    @Aaloka, – i think you meant this comment for the latest post. But nevertheless glad that you could relate to it. Makes the two of us!

    @No you dont have to! 😀 MWAAAAAAAH!

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