what makes you stronger

Was just watching Desperate Housewives(Yeah quite pathetic to be watching that on Diwali night..but I think it’s great when the world around you is set to make sure you choke in the smoke!) It ended on a note, “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger…” Got me thinking about how many things in the past few years has made me stronger. The list had all those things that seemed really difficult to get through.

Some of them, reminded me of days I couldnt believe in myself. Days when life seemed larger than I could handle. Not that we can get through life without feeling “why me!?” On that note I was just wondering how many times do we actually say that in a week? I guess atleast 3 times? – I found a way out of those ‘why me?’ situations. It helps to look around and just notice the same tags on some other heads. Trust me it makes you feel better to be a part of a small group. If you just go and talk to one of them you will probably feel even more powerful.

So does it actually boil down to a feeling of loneliness – is that what we are really scared of?


9 thoughts on “what makes you stronger

  1. oh we all have these moments where we wonder why crap seems to happen to only us! and sometimes these moments extend to days.. but i have noticed, each time i have been thru a rough patch, obviously i have hated it when i was going thru it, but in retrospect i have found i have always learnt something from the experience. sounds cliched but its true.

  2. @ churning – yes! all of us do..sometimes it feels better to share the stage a few too. So glad you could relate to it.

    @ Lively – hey glad you did!

  3. Yes, sharing things helps. However, am not sure if one should be ask that question (why me?). But Maybe that’s how I think…’blame it on me’ way…

  4. You, for sure, have a mysterious angle! šŸ™‚ Talks as if went through a lot of pain in the past!! šŸ˜€ Instead of “Why me?”..just learn to accept the way life takes you..Instead of you thinking “Why me?”, make the problems think “Why Anar?”..Thatz the spirit!!

  5. Nah, it’s not loneliness, but the feeling that you’ll die without figuring out what you really want to do in life…not making a difference in the world..that’s what’s scary…

  6. i agree with Devika. A sense of achievement is what keeps us going….to feel that is why we do what we do.

    I dont think there is anything wrong withy questioning ‘why me’ in lot of situations if you are able to do it in a constructive manner. in fact, it might help u dig deeper and find a side to urself u didnt know existed

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