as if

As if we were meant to be

As if we were meant to see

Through the rocky sea.


As if there was time for sleep

As if you would let me weep,

Or just let the seconds sweep.


As if you cold hold on

As if you could go on..

As if it was easy to move on.


As if it was meant for a year

Was it but worth a tear?

As if it would bring you near…


18 thoughts on “as if

  1. @Priti – Thanks for stopping by again…

    @Richy – Thanks and it’s not about what you think.. like you said I am not supriya.. !:D and I guess you want let me be her!:D

    @N- kya karen? – and I had to ask them – sad noone wants to answer them… 😦 and God know how am i supposed to deal with the fact that i have only 39 coffee breaks to answer them!!!

  2. since there r no answers n little time anyway….
    we’ll just have to use those 39 breaks to make more questions. that kinda goes with the job role too 😀

  3. LOL!:D – yeah might as well add to the question bank and make some more misconceptions about life videos! – atleast that ensures i have a job for lifetime!!!

  4. You know i would never want that. And if you still guess that i want something like that either you don’t know me yet or you have some horrible sense of guessing [:D]

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