long time no post!

I think wordpress was just about to send me a msg like this, “long time no post!” but and I would have gladly replied saying, “OH! I was busy raising the toast!”

But hmm there seems to be no space for all that dramatic action and so just before that I decided to squeeze in some time to update all in the blog world. Thanks guys for forcing me to write – appreciate the attention:P and ya here’s the update!

Was very busy with the launch of my video series on student misconceptions. Feels great to have finally produced and edited 15 (catch a glimpse here and let me know what you think!) So have been traveling and busy arranging for screenings and coaxing the media to cover it..

And whilst all that was happening too fast on the work front I had Neel (my closest cousin’s wedding) to attend, dance to and get drunk over silly jokes. Am still drunk on the fact that I have suddenly found a heap load of cousins and extended family members in a couple of  days… All who make me feel less crazy and am sure that the madness factor runs in the genes!

So as of now am on a train to mumbai and I keep waking up thinking of terror attacks..

Manoj, will do the tag soon and for all others there keep watching out for more exciting stuff, for what’s a wedding if it did not have a bit of a wink and run!


4 thoughts on “long time no post!

  1. ho ho ho!! someone’s having lots of fun. I hope it continues. Waiting for the tag n updates 🙂
    I’m sorry couldn’t even mail you when you were here but I dont think I’ve got ur mail, else would’ve replied dear, are you sure it didn’t bounce back?

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