life’s like that…

That’s all I can sum it all up as. Life’s like that. You need to travel when you least feel like it. You need to leave when you feel you have just arrived. You need to finish when you think you had just started beginning to enjoy the journey. You realise things too late. Just when you start thinking things are going to get better they get complicated. The most obvious to everyone seems thoroughly confusing to you.

This sunday as I lay in my bed switching channels, sipping endless cups of coffee and trying to figure out why I was feeling so complicated in my head. I had a flash in my fuzzy brain. I felt I was growing old. I preferred to lie in bed and watch TV as opposed to go for the longish drive with an unknown destination. I preffered to have muesli for breakfast and sleep early so that I would be able to work well. Yes! I was growing old, grey, don’ think wiser or dumber but much more aware of what was happening and could happen. I preferred the dark olives to the fluorescent. The bright pink shouted back while the sky blue made me feel cosy and 

But I had still not resolved the question as to why something that seems simple was looking complicated. So I am going to settle with life’s like that and this is how God decided to add variety to our lives… Do you have an answer?


One thought on “life’s like that…

  1. Yeah dear, life s like that. Nicely put your thoughts down. Of course as always. And I guess you’re coming to terms with life. Easily, at your own pace. And again life s supposed to be like that 🙂

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